• I think yes

    I used to think that furries just dressed up like a bunch of dorks for the lols but after realizing what they truly are and how they truly feel, I had to say it was quite depressing, For those of you who don’t know furries feel like they’re animals inside and they apparently want to live as a cat or dog (or whatever animal). And adopt traits such as pooping in the woods and act like animals on a daily basis. . . Isn’t this a sad lifestyle?

  • No leave them alone ffs!

    Okay it may sound like a sad lifestyle to you but it’s actually quite a happy lifestyle for them and you’re just judgemental, How would you feel if a furry or a foreigner came to you and said that your lifestyle is just sad? HMM? Would you like that? Probably not. Bye bye now

  • No, It isn't.

    Even though being a furry is a bit. . . *Cough* different, And may be creepy to some people, It isn't sad. If the people who are acting as furries like it, They are happy (somehow), So it isn't sad. And people wouldn't go as far as using the bathroom in the woods. Unless they are climbing a mountain.

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Foolboy says2021-03-15T18:51:58.580
I honestly thought furries were just a meme when did this become a thing?

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