• It is definitely a fill time job

    I know from experience of watching and listening to my mum, who is a stay home mum. She never stops working...We have a 8 bedroom home, 7 people living it in (my 4 sibling, my parents, and myself). She works at home washing clothes, cleaning, ironing all day till midnight. She hardly ever goes to bed before then, she has so much to do. So dont say its not a job, the mothers job is a job that never stops.

  • It defiantly is a job.

    Some people think that all stay at home parents are lazy who just sit on their butt. When in reality not all stay at home parents are lazy who just sit on their butt. In fact a decent amount of stay at home parents work harder than a decent amount of people who work outside the home. Being a stay at home parent involves taking care of the Children and the house such as cooking and cleaning. Also some stay at home parents homeschool their Children that's far from being lazy. Therefore being a stay at home parent is a job.

  • A job is a way to contribute to society.

    A stay at home parent does not contribute to society. He/she fills their gut and their child's gut but in the end gives back less to society than a parent who works (whether he/she is in construction or a minister), and also manages to fill everyone's gut. Sorry but how clean one keeps one's home or whether one can make apple tarts for one's family is not giving back to society.

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