• No, by definition it is not a job.

    According to the Mariam-Webster Dictionary, a job is "A specific task done as part of the routine of one's occupation or for an agreed price." In most cases, stay at home parents are not monetarily compensated for their labor, so because it does not generate immediate revenue, parenting is not a job. That being said, in some cases being a stay at home parent can occupy a great deal of a person's time and can be a heavy workload.

  • Depends But I Think Yes

    I do think that being a stay at home parent is a real job because for most people they have to physically try and do work for their children and become tire. Even though they aren't making any money they are still working for their kid or someone and it could be ajob depending on how much they have to do.

  • Yes its a job. Money is saved

    When a parent loooks after the kids at home money is not been given out to a caretaker or baby sitter or cook. If both parents were out working someone would have to invest their time towards the kids and household chores. Aprart from a family member who else would do it for free?

  • It is a job

    The Cambridge English dictionary defines job as "a responsibility or a duty" As I believe that children need a parent in the house at least when they're a small child so they don't grow up as a latchkey kid because their parents are both working all of the time. Since I do consider this to be a parents duty, being a stay at home parent does meet the definition of a job.

  • Yes and no

    It's not a job, as we think of it - since it doesn't pay cash

    It is a job because it pays out in happiness, and the well-being of the children. Furthermore, it allows the SaHP time to learn a skill or craft which they can then market, if they're good at it.

  • No risk at home

    There is no risk of being fired when you take ´days off´ people work to get paid and they work hard to make a living and I'm not saying that a stay at home parents isn't hard but what I am saying is that you are at home and you can do whatever you want at most days unlike work where you have to attend and you have a specific duty to do.

  • A job is something you do for an employer...

    A spouse is not an employer.

    I would never apply anywhere to be a stay at home parent. I would not coach any relationship I had with someone in those kinds of terms.

    Yes, being a stay at home parent can be a lot of WORK. Not as much work as being a parent with a job, as those folks have to do the things stay at home parents do AND do their job. Yes, the contribution of stay at home parents is amazing, useful, and likely way better for a family than having both parents working, if you can afford it.

    But stop blurring the lines to make it seem special in a different way. Stop complicating things, and comparing yourself to working parents. It is not a competition.

    And no, it is not a 'job'. If you consider it a job, I pity your spouse and children.

  • Depends on how you'd define it.

    It really depends on how you define a "Real" job. Typically one isn't paid regular wages for staying home and caring for children. I wouldn't even say it's particularly difficult per se. As a side note I find it irritating when one claims that "It's the most difficult job on the planet." That idea strikes me as absurd. Being a stay at home parent does however, require that you almost always be "on the clock" and depending on one's personal living situation, it could be the most convenient way of ensuring one's kids are cared for. It's also an extremely rewarding experience in it's own right. I don't have anything against someone doing this.

  • Regular Paid Employment?

    Generally, I would say being a stay at home parent is not a "real" job.

    I feel that because it's not money coming from an external source to the family (anyone outside the family), it's not a job. By a simplistic definition, job means being paid in a position of regular employment. Generally I would say stay at home parents don't get paid for this work. If they were to get paid, it would be coming out of the same family, thus no net income to the family. Babysitting is a job, but that's money coming from somewhere and taking care of somebody else, but taking care of your own child seems just something what every mother should do. I wouldn't say that any work period, is a job.

    Posted by: SJM

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