Is being a woman more advantageous than being a man?

  • Women can express themselves.

    Women are not socially attacked for expressing themselves, they can paint their nails, they can wear what they want, they can do these things and will not be attacked for it. For a man, if they do this they will be outcast, they will be known as that one gay guy that paints his nails. But, I will admit that women are held to a higher beauty standard.

  • Women Have the Advantage

    Women are not forced to fight in war. They live longer. They smell better. They are able to have children. Women who use their wiles can persuade a man to do what they need done. It's much more acceptable for a woman to stay home than for a man to stay home while a woman works. Women definitely have more advantages than men.

  • Men still get preferential treatment

    Women may have more flexibility as to how they can express themselves, but it's still a man's world. Men earn more than women for comparable work. Men still occupy more top-level executive positions on a global basis, and more leadership positions in government at all levels. Men have to struggle less to prove themselves in sports, school, and work.

  • Women Still Discriminated Against

    Women are still discriminated against--they can't play certain sports, men make more than women for the same salaried position, and bars even have "ladies' night" but no "men's night." Men have more advantages because if he gets a women pregnant, he doesn't have to stick around and take responsibility for sticking his nether region where it shouldn't have gone. Then a mother is forced to be a single, unwed mother on welfare for the next 20-30 years. Of course men have more advantages because they don't take responsibility for their actions and they get away with it on a daily basis. Plus men abuse their women and cause even more harm, but that's another debate entirely.

  • No, there are some downsides.

    No, being a woman is not more advantageous than being a man, because there are good and bad things to being either gender. A man is more expected to devote his life to his career. A man is not expected to do it all by having both a career and raise children, like women are.

  • Each Gender Has Challenges

    I do not believe it is more advantageous being a woman compared to being a man. I also do not think men have more advantages then women. I think we are different physically and our brains work slightly differently. We may each have different challenges in the world, but I don't think one sex has it better than the other.

  • No, some young women have an advantage, but older women do not

    A young and attractive woman has a tremendous social
    advantage. Juries are less likely to convict her, and both men and women are
    more likely to pay attention to her at parties. However, the social advantages
    of a woman’s youth are canceled out by age. A woman over forty is socially
    invisible, unless she is a person of remarkable achievement or great wealth.
    This is the reason women go to the pain and expense of plastic surgery. They are
    trying to recover a bit of the social power they enjoyed in their youth.

  • Wishful thinking on the part of men

    Women can vote, women can work, women can become CEOs, but that doesn't mean women don't live in a society that trains them that it's better to be docile and submissive. Women are still actively discouraged from pursuing their personal goals and interests that don't involve motherhood. Women are still raised to an impossibly high beauty standard. It's not as easy as you think, guys.

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