• Ýep in essence

    Bisexualism essentially means a person is SOOO desperate for sexual intercourse they are willing to be with both genders.
    Wouldnt surprise me in the slightest if most bisexuals would have sex with a f***ing animal too because that's just what they are like.
    Also, Good luck having a stable and healthy relationship with bisexuals. Because most likely they will sneak of and sodomize with someone else because you didn't f**k them every day like they want to.

  • Yes for real

    Because it is against the rules to like 2 genders are u that stupid it's like giving urself 100, 000 rings in sonic and thinking it ain't cheating bro ignorant people these days am I right cheat you are way over the system that's no good there's 2 genders ok don't say anything back to me because this is obviously a joke (Seriously a joke don't know why this exists)

  • No. . . But it's gross.

    Cheating isn't an accurate way to describe bisexuality, Disgusting is a more accurate term. I don't really care what consenting adults do with each other, It is none of my business, I would never support laws that banned sexuality of any kind between consenting adults. That said, When you look at the facts, Bisexual men who don't disclose their bisexuality to their female partners are bad people. Men who have sex with men (MSM) make up less than 8% of men but over 50% of people with AIDS and Syphilis in America. MSM are much more likely to have an STD than heterosexuals and lesbians. Knowing that, Every time a bisexual man has sex with a woman without disclosing that he also has sex with men, He is essentially playing Russian Roulette with her health and she has no idea. Bisexuality is gross.

  • What? NOOO. You are stupid

    Bisexual=Attraction to males+females. Straight=Attraction to different gender. Your implying because you like more than one gender you're cheating? If you like girls and your with a girl and you love her so much is that cheating. . . NO! Attraction to genders has no implication on cheating it's about loving the one your with.

  • How is this even an argument.

    How is this even an argument. Say you're straight. You have a lovely wife whom you love dearly. Does the sole fact that you are attracted to women make you a cheater? Of course not. Being bisexual does not mean you are desperate for sex and will date anyone. It simply means a sexual attraction to at least 2 genders. Geez, If I'd known people really hated bisexuals this much, I wouldn't have been born one.

  • Why do people think of bisexuals of invalid?

    Now I'm a bisexual, So I'm using my experience. Being bisexual doesn't mean you are desperate to be loved. Sexuality is thought to be programmed in the brain before birth, According to multiple studies.
    "A 2010 study linked sexual preference to a gene called fucose mutarotase. When the gene was deleted in females, They were attracted to female odors and preferred females rather than males"
    (https://theconversation. Com/stop-calling-it-a-choice-biological-factors-drive-homosexuality-122764)

    also, Just because someone is bisexual does not men that they like more people or they want a higher chance of getting ----. The average bisexual likes the same amount (or less) people than the average heterosexual, Being bisexual doesn't mean you like EVERYONE, We have preferences too.

  • If you only like men or women imagine making yourself have sex with the other.

    If you are not attracted to a gender you will find it very uncomfortable to have intercourse with people of that gender so it does not make sense to like both genders for the sake of having more opportunities or whatnot imagine if you are a straight man even if you are unable to find a partner you will not just go out with a guy instead of a women. . .

  • That's. . . Not how it works

    I am not completely supportive of bisexuality, But it is not "basically cheating. " Being attracted to both genders is does NOT make someone a hoe. Using the same logic you put forth Lindholm, All straight people would be cheating too. Me, A straight male, Would be cheating for dating/being married to a female since I am still attracted to women. Doesn't make sense. Why? Because it's wrong

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