Is being Gay a choice influenced by Society?

Asked by: ThePresD
  • I've seen people being gay because it's "cool"

    You can't be born gay. There are no gay genes science supports that. Being gay is a mental problem. Just think, if being gay was the norm then the whole species would die out. Now it is apparently "in" to be gay so many people appear gay to be cool.

  • There is a concerted effort to steer the masses in a designed direction.

    Do you remember the three age old questions you asked yourself when you first became aware of your existence, of your being? For some, they are fresh on the mind. For others, time has hazed over the true importance of the inquiry. Until your able to answer them, everything else is an assumption. What ever opinions or outlook or thought manipulations you may have been through are based on a false point of view. When you asked questions #4, 5, 6. . . . What ever answers you came up with are tinged with doubt. Are they not?

    Of course, today such thought is deemed absurd and out of date by "The Enlightened Ones". Every generation has them. They are your Academics, Writers, Scholars, Pillars of the Arts, Scientists, Financial Leaders, Pearly Heads of pseudo-religions, Propaganda pimps masquerading as News Media dwelling in their own majestic self-delusional fog of grandeur who proclaim that they are the holders of all wisdom. You see, this is what happens when you fail to answer those first three questions.

    To be Gay is just the same as deciding to screw your brains out with every woman you see, or cheat on your wife or husband or participate in an orgy or bang some farm animal. It is all perversion.

    The difference with being Gay is the advocates added a political slant to the argument of social acceptance so they feel justified in an attempt to rid themselves of the guilt by highjacking the civil rights argument which is ridiculous.

    Don't just believe something cause you agree. Prove to yourself what is true. What is the advantage of believing a lie even if it makes you comfortable even for a little while. Like it or not you are in the middle of an unseen war. Expect to be lied to by everybody until you find out what is true. Example; Global Warming is for control, not the health of the plant.

  • Formally: No, it is not!

    Let’s look at the facts: attraction is something developed without outside influence. (hypothetically, someone cannot make another person inherently attracted to something they did not originally find attractive.) Hence, attraction is naturally occurring and cannot be dictated by society. Homosexuality is the sole attraction to someone of the same gender. Since attraction is naturally occurring, homosexuality is also naturally occurring.
    Now, there are cases in which people assert that society allotted them to be gay and have relations with members of the same sex. This is true. However, the notion that their attraction was a choice is not. Their sudden attraction to someone of the same sex simply means they’ve realized they can find someone attractive. In more specific terms, it means their sexuality has developed further.
    For someone to say that homosexuality is a choice, they must also concede that heterosexuality is a choice. This suddenly introduces the argument that gays can chose to be straight and straights can chose to be gay. However, nearly all heterosexuals will assert that they cannot be gay because they cannot find it in themselves to be attractive to someone of the same gender.
    To make a long story short: people can chose to carry out a homosexual act, but cannot chose to be homosexual. Attraction is something developed over time that has nothing to do with the nurture aspect of society. It is something people are inherently born with that develops as they explore their inner being.

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