Is being Gay a Choice that society influences? Or an innate Characteristic?

Asked by: ThePresD
  • People have preferences

    I do think gays have a predisposition to being gay just like people who are addicts it’s something in their makeup no pun intended. A lot of it has to do with men’s views on the feminine societies pressures on masculine behavior and relating to your own sex understanding of each other needs pleasures without all the expected preconceived stereotypical behavior and discomfort of having to Perform with the opposite sex techniques which is so boring and expected from both sexes and the trains shall never meet

  • Nothing is every 100%

    The fact that % of people in prison who have willingly had gay experiences vs the number of people out of prison have had gay experiences than it certainly suggests that many gay people make it a choice.

    Statistics will also show that Lesbian women have a much higher rate of being molested in some way by a man when they were younger.

    Data can't be argued it can only be interpreted. I think the interpretation here is that many women/men through life experiences choose to be gay and then convince their brains to believe it. It isn't true in every case but still. Also people say they were born that way but I remember in my life I didn't have an attraction to the opposite sex for years until I was in high school and many others share my sentiment. So when I hear people say they were like this when they were young is just silly. It shows me that people convinced their brains it was true.

    However I still believe and support that if people want to be gay they are more than welcome to do so but it is almost never an inherit trait found in the brain but more experiences in life and choices.

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