Is being gay a choice (yes) or are you born that way (no)?

Asked by: Darkknight925
  • No self control.

    There are things in this life that is right and wrong. To make this comment short and sweet, it all boils down to one of those nasty four letter words. Lust. Plain and simple, homosexuality is quite simply lust. There are things I lust after that I have to refrain from because these things are against the law. Take drugs for instance, I would love to do it, but because its wrong I don't. Sick child molesters lust too, and thank goodness there are laws that keep them somewhat at bay. I might just lust after my neighbors wife, but I know its wrong and practice that control that all human beings posses. This born with it crap is just a made up reason in an attempt to make it acceptable when even nature says its wrong. Some will say, "well most animals do it", so I guess by saying that then it makes them just as savage as an animal.

  • Nature vs. Nurture

    This question has been asked for years and will probably be continued to be asked for many more. Does our genes determine how we will live our lives. I.E liking the same gender or does our environment. I think why not both? And to my oppenets I say that there is many more scientists and doctors who say that it is a choice. Maybe someday soon we will know for sure but till then let the debates continue.

  • Not born with it but it isn't a choice

    Many people claim that science has proved that being gay is something that you are born with but these studies have many flaws with it. What the best science that I have seen is that there is no genetic cause for homosexuality, wheras it is probably something that your early life factors push you in that direction.

  • Both options are possible

    I believe the more reasonable position would be to say that it is possible that some are born pre-disposed to homosexuality while others can be sexually conditioned to homosexuality. It should be quite obvious that whatever is intended by the natural make-up or design can occasionally become expressed in the “reverse”. I find no objective reason to believe that homosexuality is intended by our design or make-up, just as I see no reason to believe that blindness is the intent. Things very often go wrong, and we have many examples of this.
    It also seems obvious that humans can be sexually conditioned just as humans can be conditioned to acquire tastes for certain foods. However, if we insist that all gay people are born gay, and more generally, that people are all born with a particular ("proper") sexual orientation, then we can neglect to confront some sexual abuses that children can suffer that can negatively condition them into various sexual dysfunctions.
    However, if we are taking positions in support in some desired political position, we ignore all the overwhelming evidence that indicates that both options are possible and quite certain.
    But whether people are born gay or not is completely irrelevant when considering “gay rights”. This is an argument that has been promoted in desperation. Here is the reason. Consider the following examples: Predisposition does not excuse the violently predisposed murderer, nor the thief who seems pre-disposed to stealing, nor the serial cheater pre-disposed to cheating on a spouse, nor the person pre-disposed to appeasement who chooses to take both sides of an issue to avoid a fight or conflict or from having his feelings or those of others being hurt. I’m sure we could all find an almost endless and better set of examples where pre-disposition can exist but is irrelevant. The funny thing is that I believe the proponents of gay rights have unleashed this distraction and many of us have accepted the bait to a question that never gets resolved if we take one side or the other.

  • It is in no way a choice.

    The sexual preferences of someone is never a choice. I mean think of it this way, just because someone is straight does that mean it was their choice to be straight? Not at all, we just like what we like and there is nothing wrong with liking something different from someone else.

  • You are born gay

    In a world where you can be killed, made homeless and bullied for being gay why would you choose to be gay? I never ever remember choosing to be bisexual. Us queers suffer so much thus we would never ever choose to be gay. Why would you choose to suffer/

  • Science Says So

    According to science, when a male fetus is in the womb, the female body produces antibodies to attack it. The more the antibodies attack the male fetus, the more the fetus defends itself. The byproduct of the battle is estrogen. This feminizes the fetus. Over time, the high amounts of estrogen and progesterone react with testosterone, causing nerve fibers to make different connections that was not handed down by their genetic family. This causes a male to be gay. Not always does this effect work. Not every male will be gay, this process can just feminize the fetus and not cause it to react. This person may grow to wear floral, lacy things, pink, etc. This process though, does not happen to every male child.

  • You are Born that Way

    It has already been scientifically proven that being gay has to do with your genes.
    Also, a story! When I was a little girl, raised up Christian, I believed you could only love the opposite gender. After all, no one ever said anything about gay people. I didn't even know the word until, say, 6th or 7th grade. Just. . . No one mentioned it. So I would look at certain boys and think they were cute. I had a certain type; scrawny baby faced boys with somewhat longer hair. I was never really attracted to them. I convinced myself I was- because who else was there to be attracted to? I had a female friend who I felt deeply for, about 7th or 8th grade. I thought she was pretty, and was nice, and I had an urge to protect her because she was a little off. Then, one day, I looked up at her and for the first time in my life felt sexual attraction.

    I was raised up a "proper" Christian girl, and I STILL was attracted to the same gender. It's not a choice.

  • How could it be?

    Did I choose to enjoy chocolate? Did I choose to enjoy boxing?

    Sorry, but when it comes to tastes, it is a matter of how we are built. As much as a person could decide to engage in gay sex, same sex relationships, it is only a choice if they aren't actually attracted to people of the same sex. In the same way, I don't choose to be straight. If a gay person chooses not to act on those things, they are still gay. If a person chooses to have same sex relationships, but are actually attracted to the opposite sex, they are straight.

    Perhaps bi... But then it would be that they are attracted to both.

    Basically, you need to answer the question of where attraction comes from.

  • No being gay is not a choice.

    Being gay is not a choice. It is biologically and chemically made in you.Besides, so what if it is a choice? What is so wrong with being gay? Is it really that bad of a thing? To like the same sex? No, it is not that bad. I actually believe that it isn't a choice at all.

  • You are born gay

    Why would anyone choose to be bullied and rejected from society? Of course, people are born gay. I knew since I was 3 years old, an age where I was incapable of making important "choices." I never remember having to make a choice to be gay. I was born gay.

  • Yes born Gay have tried hard to "become" straight but happy Gay.

    I have always battled with this fact that I should not be attracted to men! The bible says Adam and Eve not Adam & Steve! Well who wrote the Bible? Hey don't get me started on that one! I love men and love talking and working with women but sleeping with them just does not appeal. I did try a long time ago just to make sure! No I think the main thing in life is to accept who you are and to embrace it. As for everyone else as long as you are who you are then in today's world they should accept you. If they do not it is their beliefs that need changing and not yours!

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