• It is definitely a civil right

    You can't change your sexual orientation. Therefore, refusing rights to gay people that straight people have is unacceptable. They can't change who they are, and they are no less deserving of basic rights than straight people are. Religion is out of the question (no factual basis), and just because it seems unnatural doesn't mean it is.

  • Absolutely a civil right

    Gay people are still people and therefore should have basic civil rights. Just because they have a different sexual orientation than others, they should still be able to exercise their rights as human beings living in this free country. They should be allowed the right to marry whoever they want, not just because it might offend God (Which brings up the fact that this country has a freedom of religion, so this shouldn't even be an issue).

  • It is a civil right

    You cant change the way someone is programmed! And though if you bring religion as an argument against this it basically means that you are a hypocrite as the bible says that everyone was made under gods image and that every person was made equally therefore doesn't that mean that he made homosexual people he made me and you. People are made to be treated equally are gay people not the same?

  • It is a civil right

    It is our natural rights to be who we want and if we want to do something that does not physically or emotionally hurt someone, we should be able to do it. If someone is in a gay marriage it does not hurt anyone at all, so why should people care? If all we want is peace and happiness, why should we not let people be peaceful and happy?

  • They already have rights

    Whats the point of them having civil right if they already can get jobs they can be in the military without hiding their sexual identities( DADT Repeal act) Now they're wanting civil rights what else do you want out america. You have the rights to be a citizen of the US.

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