Is being gay and expressing yourself as a homosexual really a big deal in today's society? Why?

Asked by: Isasune
  • In my area...

    The homosexuals and "alternatives" make it a big deal I guess. There are extremely segregated sets of clubs, stores, apartment complexes, etc. that encourage homosexuals and "alternatives" to move in for one reason or another. It's trendy around here for that particular group here and that's what they call themselves: "Alternatives".

  • I think that it is not.

    I don't know why every has to make a big deal about gays and homosexual rights. Every one in this world is human and is related whether they would want to believe it or not. Homosexuality is a part of sin and nature. There are murderers out there and people are still paranoid about gay people in their neighborhood? Tsk.

  • No it isn't

    I've been actively gay since I was 11 years old, none of my friends know other than the one I slept with. I don't make an issue out of the fact I sleep with other males as its my choice. I'm proud of who I am and sod everyone else.

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