• The male human person can be attracted to anything if it creates pleasure.

    Males become homosexual in prison because they are surrounded by men. Males become attracted to animals as sexual partners because they are surrounded by animals. Males can be attracted to pictures or movies because they are surrounded by pornography. So, What? This is nothing new!
    Therefore, Males can be more and more attracted to other males because males are what are available.

  • Yes they are

    Being gay or lesbian is actually due to some rare problem in the genes but nowadays it just seems like many youngsters get bored of the opposite sex and feel to move to the same sex just because they feel so. They have no sense of dignity and think that just beacuse they are a separate entity and their life is their own, They can do anything

  • Not a trend

    Having feelings for someone of the same sex is not a trend. There is no "oh, This is a good day to receive insults or being beaten up for being me" involved in this, There is no "gay contract" one signs at 15. A trend is sharing prejudices and biased opinions as universal truths, And then thinking that just because you thought something it has to be expressed and validated by everyone else. I honestly believe that, If you are not gay, Then there is very little for you to state and point out on the subject.

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