• Being nice gets you nowhere ?

    People say being nice gets you nowhere, I disagree. It gets you somewhere nobody wants to be . People will walk over you, take advantage of you, use you and abuse you. It will make you a magnet for malignant narcissists and psychopaths who will manipulate and exploit you like every parasite does to its host.

  • Yes, people will take advantage.

    Yes, being nice is a handicap, because people will find any way possible to take advantage of you. People who are rude are often the ones who end up getting what they want. Although this seems very unfair, this is the way the world works. People need to be tough and cruel to get ahead.

  • Being nice is a handicap.

    Being nice usually hurts the person who is being nice. Most successful people in the world are very mean to people the interact with. If you care more about other people, you will obviously benefit them more than you do yourself. It is necessary to be selfish sometimes, and to care about your own needs first.

  • Yes, being nice is a handicap.

    Being nice is a huge handicap in life. It will allow you to donate loads of money in your life to poorly run and abused charitable causes. It will cause you to be last in line to anywhere you go. It will make you unlikely to argue the terms of your life's most important decisions. It will make you a better person, but you won't be better off in life.

  • How could it be?

    Sometimes, you have to be mean, yes. But no one wants to have a mean person as their leader, a helper, or friend. If you are nice then you are good-natured. Those who are always nice are naive. Those who are always mean are jerks. We must be mean to only those who deserve it.

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