• Yes Non-binary is a real gender

    Non-binary means you don't feel like any of the genders, So no there's not just male and female because if you feel like non of these genders then you can't say I'm female or I'm male because your not, So that's why you have non- binary because that is for someone who feels like there neither male or female and it's really important to have a non gender because it puts people at ease because if you do feel like non of these genders you have another gender, Also i don't think babies should be labelled as a male or female they should be able to make there own mind up when they get a little bit older because some people are born in the wrong bodies and labelling someone is something we shouldn't do, Also females could have been the ones with penises and vice versa but some random person just thought of these names and said that persons female and that persons male but the truth is not everyone feels like that, Like me I feel like both genders but I feel more like a male then a female and I'm not transgender so not every one is exactly male or female so facts are that there is more than two genders. Some males have more female hormones some females have more male hormones you can be a male and have exra male hormones you can be female and have exra female hormones you can also have exra chromosomes, I'm just saying everyone is different and you don't know how someone else feels so don't judge what you don't know.

  • The debate is annoying

    The word gender is defined as the state of being male or female, in the definition there are no other options. You either have a penis or you have a vagina, I do not really understand what is so hard for some people to grasp. The definition seems pretty clear to me.

  • I have my doubts as well

    When making a choice between yes or no, I have decided to go with no. Like bluepaintcan123 said, I have not seen any scientific evidence that helps to prove this to be true. Gay , bi, trans, i as well am still waiting for non binary people to have proof. Also believe there is only 2 genders

  • I have my doubts.

    (Since I'm forced to pick a side I'm choosing no because I haven't seen any scientific evidence yet that proves it so. There is evidence for being transgender, gay or bisexual, but I am still waiting for the studies on non-binary people.... .. .. .. ... .. ... .. ..)

  • There is no proof

    There is tons of proof that there are different chemicals in transgender peoples brains but yet that has not been found in these transtrenders brains. By definition i could be non binary but i don't think that about myself because i feel no need to validate myself and try to make my myself a special snowflake in that way.

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