• Enough with excuses

    There are a few medical conditions that can result in a person gaining weight that is difficult to stop but those are rare cases. The other 99% are obese by choice. Stop making excuses, stop blaming others. McDonalds and KFC didn't force feed you on gunpoint. That 1.5L bottle of soda is not on your doctor's prescription for twice a day consumption. 16oz is too much steak for anyone. Hot fudge sundae is not a food group. Parking by the curb in a fire lane just so you don't have to walk 20-steps if parked in a the parking lot is a choice. It is your choice to make. At least be honest about it and don't expect others to treat you special for your personal choices (e.G. You want more space on the place, buy an extra seat or biz class seat).

  • Being obese is your fault.

    While being simply overweight can be attributed to things like a medical condition or lack of healthy food choices, being obese is a whole different ball game. That says to yourself and the people around you that you've made some extremely poor choices in diet and exercise, and you've done so much wrong that it's hard to go back.

  • Being obese is a choice

    Being obese is a choice; people in the US are becoming obese from laziness, less exercise, and more food. Research states that obesity is the 2nd most critical health in america. Being obese can give you a heart attack, it can cause obstructive sleep apnea (causes your breathing to stop during sleep.) you can get diabetes, high blood pressure, and causes acid reflux. Its hard to stop but its your fault in for being that way ion the first place.

  • True in about 9 cases out of 10.

    Only a small subset of obese patients suffer from a form of unintentional obesity.
    All the others made the choice of becoming obese.
    No one is obese since infancy. Most become obese in adulthood. Some during childhood. Parents and education is to blame.
    The main problem is with the national health system. Health resources are limited. By becoming obese, one subtracts resources to the system that might have been used for others. There are many unsolved or undiagnosed diseases out there. They keep being such simply because we are using a consistent amount of workforce to solve conditions for smokers, alcoholics and food abusers.

  • Oh, it is absolutely your fault!

    When you eat a lot of junk food and never be physically active, you'll gain weight. Being obese is bad for your health, and you are literally killing yourself in a dumb way. Your the one who's not exercising or eating right, it's all your fault. Stop blaming "genetics" and using dumb excuses. Fat people block your TV, eat all the food like greedy idiots, and take up too much room on airplanes. The Fat Acceptance movement was a big mistake. Instead of glorifying your stupid lifestyle, how about changing it? All weight problems are the person's fault!

  • Stop making excuses

    Stop making excuses as to why obesity is an issue for some people. People aren't held at gunpoint to eat that piece of cake, drink all those beers or make the wrong food choices.

    But yet they make the choice to leave the lights out when they are with their significant other because they're ashamed of the way their body looks.

  • Exercise is Free!

    Walking around your neighborhood on public roads is absolutely free. In the winter, you can walk around the mall if you dislike the cold.

    You can prepare healthy meals from scratch for LESS overall than you can purchase pre-packaged processed frozen meals. There are plenty of resources for healthy recipes online such as allrecipes and pinterest. Did you know food stamps can even be used to purchase food bearing plants and seeds? Grow a small garden for cheap, healthy veggies and herbs! NO EXCUSE.

  • Society is to Blame

    A person who was sexually abused may subconsciously eat so as not to appear attractive to those who they feel threatened by.

    A person who is resistant to insulin may have a situation where their body produces insulin but the cells reject it, which cause no breakdown of the glycerol/sugar units, increasing the body's insulin production to counter it. Here's a situation in that until their pancreas breaks down, they can't be treated, but anything they eat is sent to fat reserves, slowly killing them.

    A person who is depressed may eat to feel better about themselves, like a smoke, or a drug-addict, or an extreme "athlete", taking themselves out of the horrible feeling that they are in. Some suggest taking "antidepressants", which MAY work, but may not, and sadly, going through a range of chemicals leaves one sick, and may not do what they are stated to. They are unproven, based on "theories" that they will work. Some store in fat cells too, making it hard to know what "levels" are, and to work out a balance.

    A person who is raised in a single parent family may find it hard to learn to cook, meaning they take the easier option of using takeaway foods, as they still need to eat. They're humans like the rest of us, and need food.

    A person may live in a cold country, where body fat being stored is a good idea, so that they don't die in the extremes of the cold.

    A person may have inherited genetically genes altered by any of these circumstances, or even been raised with parents who have had these circumstances. It isn't the parents fault, as they are also a victim of society's attitudes and teachings which are promoted by businesses. They may have been struggling to raise children, work, and pay may bills as a single parent with their marriage just ruined, and the money being leached away in re-establishing a platform that took all their lives to get there.

    A person may withdraw from society because society is NOT society any more, but instead made up of millions of individual selfish, horrible, judgmental, hypocritical, murderous and tortuous wicked individuals, who they don't want to be around. This may lead to obesity as they can't get out due to anxieties of being harmed by these slimy people.

    After this, there is natural body mass.

    If society wasn't so sexually oriented, nor so selfish, and stopped contaminating our food, air and water sources, this would reduce these situations. Also, if they stopped thinking that being obese was ugly, and instead realised that society had become stagnant, like a smelly patch of fresh water with nothing to promote except bits of metal with faces stamped on, or plastic sheets with the same, they might realise that obesity is just one of the symptoms of the sick filthy society in which we live, which isn't a society at all.

    In case you're thinking I'm obese, I'm not.

  • If the obesity epidemic was as simple as making healthier choices America would most likely be in a much healthier state than it is now.

    Humans are biologically programmed to choose unhealthy foods high in sugar and fat over healthier foods. Fast food companies as well as companies selling processed foods high in sugar and fat take advantage of this by making unhealthy addicting foods unavoidable. Many people just don't have the choice to eat healthy. i.e. food deserts where sometimes people have to drive over 20 miles to reach a supermarket with fresh produce and often times do not have a vehicle to do so. Furthermore, our culture makes unhealthy food available to us 24/7 on the tv, on the computer, on the plane, while we are driving, or by the over saturation of fast food joints across American and then expects that we constantly reject these temptations that appeal to our biologically programmed desires.

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LiaJ says2014-11-04T20:10:31.810
Although there are genetic diseases that do contribute to being overweight or obese, that prove very difficult to overcome, there are many cases where being obese is a choice. However, certain medications can lead to excessive weight gain as well. As human beings, we have no control over what our genes are going to be. We have no control over what genetic diseases we may inherit. However, what we can control is how much we eat, where we eat, whether or not we engage in physical activity, and what time of the day we eat. It has been proven that there are many things that people do that contribute to them being obese. This includes: not eating healthy enough, not exercising enough, watching too much TV, and spending too much time on the computer. Furthermore, if you're the type of person who eats at Burger King everyday, and doesn't really exercise, what do you think is most likely going to happen? Even if obesity is caused by genetics, physical activity won't kill you.

To be honest, I am quite on the fence with this one. The reason being, is that, as stated before, while human beings can, by certain lifestyle choices, to their obesity, there are also factors that contribute to excessive weight gain that are out of their control. I can understand why many people believe obesity to be a choice, something that is within our control. I say this because I have a friend who is obese. All she does is complain about her weight, and constantly whines about being too fat to fit into her favorite pair of jeans. She whines and whines and whines, but here's the thing: she doesn't do anything about it. Even if obesity did run in her family, there's still diet and exercise. Now, I'm not saying that losing or gaining weight is easy. It's not, but I certainly don't feel like it's very fair for this girl to constantly complain about her weight, when there are resources to help her lose weight, and yet she does nothing to help herself. Honestly, it's the people who live unhealthy lifestyles, by eating junk food and never exercising, and who are obese, because of that, is where I can totally see why many people think being obese is a choice.