Is being proud of your Anglo-Saxon (or any Scandinavian) ancestry frowned upon today?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Seems to be the case today

    Given that England and the Nordic countries (excluding Finland and perhaps Norway) have a brutal history of imperialism, it seems that almost every other country has a story of oppression by them -- the Germans, Italians, Spanish, Dutch, French, Indians, Chinese, any country in Africa. It's like being a Klan member if you're one of those ethnicity.

  • Yes it is

    The white Anglo Saxon man is one of the most hated types of persons on this earth and is the one main thing that the liberal despise the most. They blame Anglo Saxons for all the worlds problems starting from wealth inequality to Africa being poor and so on, but to be an Anglo Saxon is one of the most glorious things to be born to in the whole world

  • Possibly, but being "proud" of any ancestry is useless.

    I'd certainly say that there are issues in society with being proud to be of any white ancestry, and while that might be wrong because it singles people out, I think being "proud" of your ancestry isn't useful anyways; you had nothing to do with who or where you were born to.

  • It's your family tree...Be happy about it!

    If I recall correctly, I have some Anglo-Saxon heritage. I think that's pretty cool, being a descendant of some of the oldest tribes in England. I dont know why some people find this bad. I would be embarrassed and ashamed if I found out that I was descendant to a horrible nation, like Nazi Germany (not Germany today, but during Hitler's rein.). The reason that Anglo Saxons and Scandinavians were "warmongers" was because they lived far up north- they needed easier ways to obtain food, and they needed extra help with their jobs. So they did what they did best- they raided and pillaged. Nazi Germany, however, killed and enslaved people because they felt like it.

  • You celebrate the culture not the problems

    I have both Swedish and English ancestry, and I am proud of them. I am proud of the culture, and traditions, but the things that people seem to hold to these groups of countries happened in the past . Vikings, Nazism etc. And people who celebrate these countries are not celebrate the fact that they are better than anyone in any way, such as the Nazis, they are celebrating their culture. And almost every group of countries in the world have something to not be proud of, Wars, Executions etc. The Scandinavian countries may just have a little worse, but the culture should have nothing to be ashamed of. Saying people should not be proud to be from these countries would be like saying you should not be proud of being Chinese, it is your culture, not your country, you should be proud of it.

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