Is being sexually attracted to children (pedophilia) wrong?

  • Children aren't sextoys

    Only a sick person would think children are sexually attractive. People who view children this way and people who torture animals should be killed in my opinion. Teach your children to tell you when and if people try to sexually abuse them. If this is how the world views children now, we as parents MUST do what we need to do to teach them to come to us so we can protect them. There are a lot of sick people in this world and it is not going to get better.

  • Uhhh... Yeah

    A childhood crush is obviously a different story, but I don't think that is what the moderator had in mind here. For an adult to be sexually attracted to a child is VERY wrong. How could you argue against that? If a grown man was to come up to you and say that he thought your child was hot you would immediately grab her and get as far away from that guy as you could. Now imagine he didn't say that. Imagine he just thought it, and as corny as this is going to sound, you read his mind. Now would you say "nothing wrong with that. Everyone's different" or would you react the same way as if he had told you, by grabbing your daughter and getting the hell out of there?

  • Yes, very much so

    What is wrong with you people? You are sexually attracted to children! Anyone who supports pedophilia should be thrown into prison, or put on death sentence. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves. It is not the same as being gay or lesbian. It is having sex with someone who is UNDER FIFTEEN.

  • Of course it is!

    Sick and unnatural and I am as sexually liberated as anyone you will ever meet. If you are attracted to children, you are probably possessed by Satan. I have never or will never feel an attraction. Anyone that is attracted to children is mentally ill. I hate when I surf porn and all these "teen girl" sites pop up and some of these girls look 12! It makes me sick that there is a market for this! It is usually men that could not get a girl at that age that probably can't get the child out of their head. Losers.

  • Having sexual fantasies about children or acting on those fantasies are both wrong!

    Having a fantasy about having sex with a child is wrong, as is acting on this fantasy. Neither are permissible. People can have sexual fantasies about a lot of things, but there are some things that we simply should not be associating with sex in our minds. Children are one of them. Animals are another. We can certainly resist having sexual thoughts about certain things. Though that resist are wilfully encouraging trouble--legal trouble--down the line.

    For example, I can have sexual thoughts about relatives--but I choose not to because I realize there are certain things I simply shouldn't do. It's a huge waste of time!

    Pedophilia is wrong. Having sexual thoughts about children is also wrong, and should be resisted!

  • Yes on every level!!!!

    You all on the "NO" side are delusional and unstable at best! A child does not have the ability to consent EVER!!! We are supposed to protect our children not use them as toys! IT IS A CHOICE... And take some responsibility for your sickening behavior. Hide behind your computer screens, you are cowards, if being so sexually attracted to children feels right, come out of the closet... Show yourselves... And NEVER COMPARE YOURSELVES TO THE GAY POPULATION; it is not the same! This relationship consists of TWO CONSENTING ADULTS!!!!

  • Totally wrong you sickos say any thing to justify your sicknesd

    I can not beleive the amount of peadophiles saying no. Of course its wong. To the sickos who say a girl is sxually mature not to mention mentally a girl is STARTING to mature when she starts her period. You people are the sickest of sick, if you cant help it you should all be casterated and breed this sickness out of the human race. It makes me feel sick to be part of the same race as you filthy scum are no more moral then a pack of dogs on heat. Sickos that lie to them selves about if a child consents its ok etc, why do you scum nags groom children and even mske threats n bribes for them to keep quiet. Scum. Why not make kids responsible for medical consent, school attendenve everything vause they are not mentally mature, hay lets hold them acountiable as adults under the law too, kids neef protection and with u sick rock spider kiddy rapists out tjere they need it, to have sex witj a child is rape, no sutch thing as consent you foul creatures should be at least castetated preferiable put to sleep u act like mongrel dogs you should be treated like them . Me

  • It is harmful.

    A child does not know what they are getting into. It can damage a child psychological well being. This can cause them to feel used and traumatized for the rest of their life. People may see them as sexual objects but they are not. They are people. They are human beings who need to be shown the correct amount of respect that they deserve.

  • Even thinking about children sexually helps support child pornography

    You all say that only actions equate to immorality. But you are wrong. Thinking about children sexually creates an industry that exploits children. How can you distance yourselves from responsibility because you never physically touched a child? Are you so naive? When men are charged because they have hard drives full of child pornography are they NOT guilty? They might never have touched a child but they have created an industry that abuses children. Grow up and act like the guardians of the future that were put on earth to be. Not the destroyers of the future.

  • Sex is for adults

    People who fantasize sexually about children need medical treatment. Being a parent I would be deeply concerned if I could not change my children's diapers or take them swimming, bathe with them or see them naked with out having sexual thoughts. I would also never leave my children in the care of a person who can fantasize about sex with a child. What your mind can conceive, you body can achieve.. Lets all say no to child abuse in any form..

  • A Society Unable To Make Critical Distinctions Between Myriad Behaviors Is Unjust

    There are many arguments, some quite reasonable-sounding, for prohibiting all sexual interaction between adults and children. But they are all exquisitely vulnerable to a thorough examination of the range of actual behaviors and motives which comprise them.

    Upon the examination of many actual, real-life, child-adult sexual expressions, one will find that rationalism will not support either the vehemence of condemnation nor the injustices inflicted upon both children/adolescents and the adults with whom they have interacted.

    A society that is unable to make distinctions between adults who force themselves onto kids and those who do not will be incapable of making the same distinctions when both parties are kids. And that, quite tragically, is the latest development in the sex-hysteria witchhunt; i.E. Children/adolescents as "sexual predators". It is this development, in particular, which reveals society's stated concerns for "child welfare" as the lie which it is. Indeed, the child sex hysterics greatest concerns is for the preservation of their own malign hatred and their stated concern for "children" is a disingenuous ostentation.

    And then there is the whole issue of JEALOUSY which almost no one ever mentions but was demonstrated to be the dominant motivating factor which lies behind homophobic fag-bashing, for example. Do we believe that it is not a factor in the hatred of pedophiles? I don't! The attraction many people have for children includes a sexual component that is impossible to distinguish from affection. I believe they exist on a continuum. But, because of the many assumptions people make about sex and what it consists of (saying much about themselves, in the process) they are unable to acknowledge this natural and most human of responses.

    Pedophilia is a naturally occurring phenomenon, with numerous analogs throughout mammalian societies. We would be a much wiser species were we to understand it as an innate, and nurturing, characteristic distinct from forceful and violent interference.

  • Consent is a major issue here.

    Say there was a gerontophile, or someone who loved OLD people. Now say if that old man had a case of dementia, and it could be argued that he is not fit to give consent. However, we would only find that odd and brush it off. If we were to argue that children aren't fit to give consent, then people with mental illnesses aren't either, but that's never the case.

    Furthermore, children are, of course, much more capable than mentally ill seniors. Naturally, they have a biological predisposition to push themselves away from sexual advances, noting the "girl's-are-icky-boys-have-cooties" sort of thing that goes on with small children, proving they understand the biological roles of men and women. What can be at debate here is the future cost of actually raising a child, which a child cannot possibly comprehend. Add anti-birth methods, that's taken out of the equation. Of course, common knowledge must still be instilled into them, such as the fact that sex is not something that you can do wantonly, etc. Etc., but many of these things kids know based on instinct. And with that, if kids can break the boundary of "girl's-are-icky-boys-have-cooties," they are rational enough to know whether or not sexual activities is something that's okay or not to participate in, and if they believe it's fine, so be it.

    But on another note, pedophilia isn't about sexual activities with children, as people suggest. The word itself is only "love of children." While pedophiles may have a sexual preference for children, it's not like they're acting upon it. Like how if I believe a grown woman is stunning, I'm not going to advance on her if I don't actually love her.

    If they do act upon it, it's not a bad thing until rape is involved, either. If a grown person likes a child, and they can make the child literally fall in love with him, and he truly loves her, then what's wrong? He's not asking him to "reach into his pocket and take some candy." Nor is he asking for sexual favors. A kiss, a hug, there shouldn't be anything life threatening or life changing with that.

  • It's a sexual orientation

    Forcing children is wrong but if a child wants a relationship with an adult it should be allowed. As far as not being 'able to consent' goes I think that's rubbish.
    I think the parents should have to give their permission and if so, let the love happen if it's there.

  • Sexually attracted to is different from raping.

    Rape is wrong. Rape is taking away the victims freedom of having or not having sexual relationships at that particular moment. Taking away someone's free choice, someone's freedom is one of the most demented crimes that humans constantly do. We are not talking about rape however, we are talking about being attracted to children. People who are attracted to children cannot help it, even if they want to, which many do. Many of these people curse themselves at night for their inexplicable attraction. And even though children are easy prey and the urge is strong, many of these so called "pedophiles" resist the temptation with great willpower and never touch a child in their lives, these people deserve nothing but support from others.

  • Sex is fun

    Simply, sex is fun. Toys are fun, games are fun, activities are fun, etc etc etc. Sex is a fun game that you are active in and may use toys. Children like fun things. What is wrong with harmless fun? Sex is harmless because it does not hurt anyone under normal circumstances. Yes, sex can be dangerous, but so can anything. ANYTHING. But let me not go off topic.

    What is bad, is rape/force/non-consent. If the child does not want to do it, then that is fine, do not do it then. It is that simple. Sure, there are many things that children may not want to do, but those are important to development. Personal hygiene, consumption, and sleep are the basics. Sex is not. Sex is optional. Children may want to have sex. If so, then go for it. Just don't hurt them.

  • Saying a child cannot consent is like saying a child is incapable of choosing right from wrong.

    If a child is capable of knowing right from wrong then, they are capable of given consent reguardless weather someone thinks its wrong or not. Hetero, Homo, Pedophile does not matter. You choose who you jump into bed with. For all people that have a problem with it let me say to you what you would say to a person who does not like homosexuals. It takes one to know one.

  • No, sex with children is.

    Having sex with children is morally wrong because their brains are not fully developed, therefore making them incapable of giving true consent. However, simply being attracted to someone does not require consent, so there is ultimately no harm. Besides, being sexually attracted is not a choice. Having sex is a choice, but being attracted to someone is not.

  • It is not.

    Emotions and feelings are outside the realm of morality, so they can't be wrong or immoral; but a person can control their actions and that makes it fair to morally judge. One can not be judged on what they can not control. So no, being a pedophile or having pedophilic feelings is not wrong.

  • How can you be wrong for having a preference you can't control?

    What if someone told you it's wrong to be heterosexual? Now what if society told you that it's wrong to be heterosexual? What if people started to say that all heterosexuals just want to pounce on women and want to rape them uncontrollably. That heterosexual men shouldn't be allowed to socialize with females because they will rape them all....Well congratulations you now know what it's like to be stereotyped... I think child molesters should goto prison, but I think being a pedophile is ok.

  • It's a sickness

    People don't choose to be sick, that's just the way they've been wired. Putting discriminating labels on these people cause them to refuse to seek treatment and that's when their desires are taken out on the young children. Mental health is no different from physical health. We need to drop the negative views and be mature about this so there will be no more victims of adolescent sexual abuse.

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MasturDbtor says2013-05-03T22:26:54.233
I'm not sure about my answer. It would be wrong to round people up just because of their thoughts and feelings, it would be wrong to shun and condemn someone just because they have feelings which if acted on would be harmful but which they restrain themselves from. But then the question is "is being sexually attracted to children (pedophilia) wrong? I think we'd all agree that our nature is better served if we are not molested as children and so such an attraction is naturally wrong, it may emerge from "nature" but it is not "naturally good" it does not help human nature. The person afflicted isn't wrong if they resist temptation but that attraction should not be there anymore than a person should have cancer. It can not serve the pedophile unless they use it in which case it is to the detriment of children and to human nature. Otherwise it's a private torment, though I doubt it's an indestructible desire and for people to achieve making the desire go away altogether and coming out with better overall emotional self-control would be the only way that this could be of help to human nature (and even then on the whole pedophilia does not serve human nature but would only in that one case).
Juan_Pablo says2013-07-06T11:32:02.210
Having a thought about having sex with a child isn't criminal, but it isn't healthy either. There are certain things we simply shouldn't do or even bother to think. I can think about having sex with a relative but I know this would be a huge waste of time, so why bother? For your sake and everybody else's, just don't associate children with sex! Nothing good can come of it!