Is being strong feminist too much for society?

Asked by: draxhunter
  • Being too feminism is like communism

    I am not against feminism. I believe that women have been brutalized by men badly in society and they should stand up. By saying that I still believe that strong feminism is bad because some women just think that men are obsolete and women can do everything better. They believe that men are just lazy swines.

  • Too Much Feminism is Bad.

    I will admit that some feminism is probably necessary to achieve equality. However, some feminists go above and beyond what is necessary. Those who believe women are superior to men, or believe that women should gain more rights than men, are sexist. However, I have no problem with anybody who purely wants equality.

  • Feminism is for women's rights; not gender equality.

    Too much of anything is bad; diversity is healthy. Feminism by definition is 'advocacy for women's rights, equal to men's', not "gender equality". Feminism at all is bad because it promotes just women's rights. When I see feminists as a whole, start to talk about sexism against men & third genders, I will consider giving support, I am an egalitarian; you can be a homosexual African woman with three legs and one hand & I will give you the same chances as a white average male; I would give you the same chances and rights as anybody. Feminism started in the 12th century, but became stronger in support in the middle-end of the 19th century; all these years and generations and feminism still is hasn't done what it was supposed to; it was supposed to be for gender equality. Males, females, third genders; everybody coexisting but by the fact that there is so much sexism against females, against males, against third genders, it proves feminism doesn't work. Feminism is not even for women's equality to men; when have you seen a feminist fighting to allow women to get drafted? Or seen a woman talk about the ironic quote, "You can't hit me, I'm a woman." or how it's socially acceptable for a woman to hit a male but not vise versus. (However, nobody should be hitting anybody.) Yes, women should most definitely be fundamentally, socially, economically & politically equal to males but when will sexism against third genders & males be recognized? I support gender equality.

  • If by "society", you mean "men," then yes.

    Society is more than just petty men with a general opposition to women standing up for their rights. Women in the past have been denied of basic human rights; to be treated fairly and equally. A man in the same job as a woman may earn 3 or 4 times the amount of money, just for being born with male organs. Also, those arguments saying that feminists are looking for a female dominated society, are you trying to tell us that a society led by a single sex is a bad thing?

  • Feminism is NOT equality

    Though they claim it to be a movement for the creation of true equality, even the name suggest that this is a fat lie. And it is. Feminism is a female rights advocacy group, nothing more. Any group that claims to be for equality yet only acts in the interests of one side is not for equality.

  • When you understand Feminists Theory, and fact check it, there is an inherent problem.

    All too often, people say that Feminism is for equality. Well, when a word has two definitions, you have to look at both. Most dictionaries only say Feminism is the advocacy of equal rights of the sexes. But then you read some others and the definition is (paraphrase) advocacy of WOMEN'S RIGHTS to achieve equality with MEN. The entirety of Feminist Theory supports the idea that men have, and have always had, rights that women don't. But when you look through history for some kind of legal or societal indication of legal discrimination, none can be found. All of the history that supports feminist theory Is interpreted by feminists. I have yet to see evidentiary support of Feminist assertions. "Patriarchy" as a system that oppressed women and uplifted men on a universal scale NEVER EVER EXISTED. It's not that being a strong feminist is in itself "bad", but when you reinterpret history through a single lens, and then force everyone to look through that lens. But call them misogynists and idiots for not seeing what you see, there is a problem. Anyone can challenge me to a debate if they think i'm wrong.

  • Feminism is becoming an empty argument.

    Feminism originally started as a movement toward equality among men and women, but as discrimination becomes increasingly based on perception, the majority of "feminists" are rather extreme in their views. I take up this point mainly from discussions of literature but also from events presented in the media; in a circumstance where men blame a woman, no matter whether or not she is truly at fault, the majority of self-proclaimed feminists jump to her defense. In a circumstance where a man and a woman have conflicting testimonies on a matter, and if the man benefits or the woman loses face, the woman's word will be taken for truth by most self-proclaimed feminists, and the man is pushed under the newly-developed stereotype of being incapable of logical thought around women, and inherently some sort of pervert. In this manner, feminism has become and oppressive movement, and at this point the movement for equality should be given a different name that includes both genders.

  • When it comes across as 'Supremacy' rather then equality

    The origins of feminism, wanting equal pay, suffrage etc, were right. Denying anybody those things is inherently wrong. However, when its become a case of, for example, in television and movies, where to satisfy modern feminists there is an increasing slew of strong, female leads accompanied by idiotic, incapable and clueless male characters, then I would say that is a problem. Strong female leads are not a problem, Star Wars Rogue One is a very enjoyable movie with a wonderful lead character, but the supporting characters are all shown as being equally competent in their own ways. Unfortunately this is getting rarer. I think there has been an over-saturation of strong, female role-models recently and not nearly the same amount of positive male role-models for young boys to look up to and aspire to be which is an unbalance that will not go well in the future.

  • Too much Feminism is bad.

    Too much of Feminism is detrimental to the health of a society. It tends to bring pacified behavior into society by an initial wave of radicalism; which caters to the idea of using the law system to oppress "offenders of feminism". The rise to power starts from using the victimization wildcard, using case examples of innocents and other members of society harmed by masculinity or assertive living. Feminism has infected most of Europe, turning the people there into pushovers who have already begun to invite danger into their lands, by not raising a finger to protect their loved ones.

    Feminists also provoke and force racism by using generalizations and racial stereotypes to shame a certain race; which is usually the white race. Even though individuals do not inherit the crimes caused by others with the same color; radical feminists believe white men in particular, should be emasculated and that we should pay more than others for our "crimes". This sort of behavior exhibiting bears close relation to dictators of the 20th century, such as Adolf Hitler and other manipulative people like Mao Zedong (even though they were not particularly feminist).

    Feminist societies do not have backbone, and instead carry apologetic and self-shaming mentality upon its people, causing a high rise in low self-esteem in individuals and using the law to push aside any dissidents or reformists; who look to remove such feminist attributes from society. In short, it is a socialized form of a authoritarian state. Instead of being individuals who earn their success, we have a nanny state which hands everything out to people, so they can sit at home and contribute nothing to the growth or productivity for society.

    Feminist societies welcome a deadbeat culture and blame a system that only works when its people work with it.

    The whole west needs to drop feminism and grow stronger again.

  • Feminism Isn't Humanitarianism

    Feminism is not humanitarianism. It is a pragmatist ideology that seeks equality by being results-oriented, but doesn't care about how it implicitly abuses people who haven't discriminated nor have benefited from discrimination. Have many women been discriminated against, have many discriminated against them, and have many benefited from that discrimination? Yes, but everyone has not. Feminism does not filter between those who have and those who haven't, and when it engages in counter-discrimination against those who haven't by blaming society as the problem, it takes a step too far.

  • No. Feminism has helped to undue the perception of male entitlement in both politics and culture . . . It is very important.

    No. Feminism has helped to undue the perception of male entitlement in both politics and culture . . .Something very important for the realization human rights and equality. There are still places around the world where people adhere to a view of male entitlement - and these places are very backwards with regards to human rights and equality. That is not a route we should want to take in the United States.

  • If by "society", you mean "men," then yes.

    Society is more than just petty men with a general opposition to women standing up for their rights. Women in the past have been denied of basic human rights; to be treated fairly and equally. A man in the same job as a woman may earn 3 or 4 times the amount of money, just for being born with male organs. Also, those arguments saying that feminists are looking for a female dominated society, are you trying to tell us that a society led by a single sex is a bad thing?

  • Feminism is the advocacy of equality between sexes

    I'm going to have to speak in generalities about feminism because, well, there is such a misunderstanding of feminist theory that I feel I have to lay the groundwork. There is absolutely nothing wrong with feminism. I notice that many people's preconceptions about feminism are based on the notion that feminists think that females are superior. Such is not the advocacy--instead, they want females to be evaluated on their own terms and not through the lens of men. They want equality and freedom for females. They fight to remove sexism, because they know that sexism is bad for males and females in the long haul.

    Posted by: kbub
  • Feminism is NOT a crime

    You can not say feminism is not a search for equality. We live in a world where women are still not paid the same as men in the job market. If anything there needs to be more feminism in society until this gap is closed. There should be equality on both sides. A woman standing up for her human rights is NOT in any way shape or form wrong. If society feels it is then there is a serious issue, and humanity will have been proven to have made no progress in the past hundred years.

  • I Believe Feminism is For Equality

    Feminism is not a bad thing at all, if used properly. Most people think feminism is where women hate men, and wished women ruled the world. Not true, at all. I'm a feminist and I just believe that women should have the same treatment of men. The other shouldn't get less of something or more, same with the other. No sex is better, no sex is lazier, no sex is worse or greater. We have so many cultures that smother the ideas of women being treated better than a dog! What kind of human being is against feminism, where the woman isn't raped, or assaulted for looking at a man the wrong way?! We're all human beings, so we all should be treated like human beings. Our race, sexuality and gender shouldn't be a factor on whether or not we get that treatment.

  • Feminism is gender equality

    Yes there are extremists in the movement. There are in nearly all movements or groups, the republican party has the Tea Party, Christianity has extremists, but that doesn't mean that the republican party as a whole or Christianity as a whole is bad. Feminism is the equality of all genders. The problem with feminism is that we're still having this debate. We're still debating whether strong feminism is a problem as opposed to women getting equal pay for equal work, which in 2014 we have still not achieved.

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