• Humans aren't carnivores

    I recently asked my dad what would happen if I went vegan. He got all defensive and just said,"We're supposed to eat meat, honey." I got mad and confused at that. First, humans are omnivores. And I think we are sophisticated enough to make a choice on what we should eat. I don't even like meat that much. My dad would just get mad if I refused it. But I think it would be worth it if I tried. It may be healthier.

  • We are animals. Animals eat animals.

    Many vegan's arguments are that "We are animals too,". This actually goes AGAINST their opinion. We are animals, true, but animals eat each other. The lion eats the gazelle. The wolves eat the caribou. It's the circle of life, the food chain. If that did not exisit, then herbivores would over populate the earth. The world is at balance between predator and prey. Vegans are saying that the tiger's way of living is incorrect. Why? The tiger only needs to survive. Our bodies are wired to eat meat. We NEED to for a healthy life style. We have carnivore teeth for a reason. Eating chemicals and 'vitamins' is not natural. We are only trying to survive, like the eagle, the shark, the bear. We NEED meat. We EVOLVED to eat meat. It is what we are SUPPOSE to do.

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