• Yes, belief in global warming is on the rise

    Yes, I think belief in global warming is on the rise. The question is - is global warming actually on the rise? And is there anything we can do about it? There is global warming, and there is man-made global warming. Based on this, and the way the news media is portraying the situation, many in the world do believe that it is on the rise.

  • Yes, people are starting to consider it as possible.

    With the sorts of extreme weather events that we have been happening people are starting to be aware that maybe something is going on. However, it does not yet seem something that they see as an imminent problem, as was apparent in the recent election in which it was just flat out not considered an issue we need to address. Things that do not seem an immediate concern tend in our minds to be something we still have time to address later, but scientists are warning us that time is running out and yet we treat it like a hypothetical situation that we can spend time pondering about. Perhaps we as humans are unable to look at the long term directions we are taking when the more immediate ones seem pressing.

  • It's painfully obvious.

    The mean surface temperature has risen by nearly a degree and a half since 1980. The IPCC has put out more than enough data to show that the mean surface temperature is, and will continue to rise for the immediate future.

    Now if the question were, "Is global warming caused by man?" You could argue that perhaps it is not, but as the question stands, yes global warming is clearly 'on the rise'

  • No, belief is not on the rise.

    I think there has been information fatigue on climate change issues, and people are getting jaded about the whole subject, as perhaps they should. When every possible weather event that occurs is attributed to global warming, even die hards have to start rolling their eyes. The entire matter left the reservation of science long ago and is now just a proganda tool for other issues.

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