Is bellwork an effective way to start a class?

Asked by: Eng111
  • It helps focus the class.

    When kids enter the class, Especially after lunch, They're distracted and chatting. Bellwork is a simple assignment to bring the class's attention to the teacher, Where it should be, Even if it's something really simple. We may lose a couple minutes, But we'd be losing it either way in the end.

  • Starting a class with work rather than something informative bores and therefore takes away the attention of the students in the class.

    Personally, With a bellringer (i. E. Ms. McLean's money power whatever) I get really bored really quickly. And even if the bellringer is something that we have done before (i. E. Ms. Quilpa's bellringers), Typically we're gonna have to review before I can get any work done that is on the board. I think class should start with the information that is needed to learn, And then we can have work. Bellwork is tedious and unnecessary.

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