• Yes Ben Roethlisberger is the NFL's hottest Quarterback

    I think that it is pretty clear that Ben Roethlisberger is the hottest quarterback in the NFL over the past couple of weeks. Ben has thrown six touchdowns in two games in a row. If I am not mistaken, that has never been done before. While I know that Manning and Brady are both elite at their position, the numbers don't lie!

  • No, Ben Roethlisberher, isn't the hottest quarterback, but he's up there.

    Ben Roethlisberger is hot right now, but that doean't mean that he's all there is. The Pittsburgh Steelers are lucky to have him, but watch guys there are other quarterbacks out there looking to take the title of the "Hottest quarterback." Philip Rivers, Tony Romo, and of course Payten Manning are all vying for that title. What's hot this week, might not be next week.

  • No, he is no longer at his peak.

    Although Ben Roethlisberger is an all-time great, I believe that he is currently not the hottest quarterback in the NFL. His achievements on the field have been somewhat overshadowed by allegations and scandals outside of the game, and there are quarterbacks at the moment that I feel are considered hotter, such as Tom Brady.

  • I don't think he's the hottest quarterback.

    If by hottest do you mean he's really good or do you mean you like his face? If you mean "do I like his face?", the answer is no. I don't think he's very handsome. I think he's probably a pretty good player though since I have heard his name and I don't really like football.

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