• Well personally I think

    I think the game is scary because of its music and storyline add a few jump scares and bingo tramatised me a year ago a have the game now and am thinking of playing it hopefully it does not traumatize me this time and that’s why I think Bendy and the ink machine is scary

  • Provides a sense of dread, especially in Chapter 4

    (Spoiler alert) Bendy and the Ink machine is a scary game in the sense that you don't know everything, therefore providing a sense of dread. You don't know when Bendy will appear in Chapter 3, you don't know what happened to Sammy Lawrence to make him this way, you don't know why Bendy leaves you alone in Chapter 4, you don't know why the Lost Ones are there, and the whole story line is overall shrouded in mystery.

    It gives a sense of dread, not only because of the atmosphere, but also because of the underlying story. It's also disturbing because the cartoons like Bendy were meant to be innocent and cute, most likely for children, yet they were brought to life in what appears to be satanic rituals with actual people being sacrificed (the coffins next to the first pentagram give hint to this).

  • Honestly, I haven't played the game, but still...

    I have not played the game, but I have watched videos and read the Fandom wikia site for it. I say it is scary. That old studio has an evil vibe to it, and the ink machine and "Bendy" have an even more so evil vibe. It is pretty good, however "scary" and "creepy" have a fine line between the two: creepy is defined as "causing unpleasant feelings of fear or unease", and scary is defined as "frightening, causing fear". Not the same, but not that different either. So you COULD say the game is scary, but it could also be called creepy.

  • Eh, just need to be patient...

    Right now, the game isn't really scary. Creepy, yes, but not scary. However, only two out of five chapters have came out. AND Chapter 2 is scarier than Chapter 1. I think that Chapter 3 might become scary. Besides, I'm glad that jumpscares aren't that common in the game. Jumpscares are just a cheap way to scare somebody. True horror games make the game scary, not just full of jumpscares.

  • Its just a game

    Theirs no real danger so whats the point of being scared. The card board cut out was just Boris in chapter 3. Then Boris gave you a pipe that would help you fight the butcher gang member. There are also so many animations tat make it look stupid that when you play it not scary.

  • Not in the slightest.

    In a game where the worst it can do is slap a cardboard cutout in front of you or make you fight some pathetically easy ink blob monsters, there isn't a sense of danger at all. Sure, it starts picking up at chapter 3, but the they give you a Tommy Gun and its back to your regularly scheduled blob murdering.

    No,I'm not saying this just because the fanbase is full of normies shush

  • There is no danger.

    The most used jumpscare (cardboard cutout jumpscare) makes a piece of cardboard appear without a warning. Because it appeared so sudden it awakes the emotion of 'suprise' inside the player, but sence it cannot harm you and therefore isn't dangerous, the player will never be able to actually be 'scared'. This counts for most of the jumpscares in this game: suprising, not scary.
    In chapter 3 Bendy does get a bit more dangerous, but it's not enough to actually call it a 'horror game'.

  • It does not have enough jump scares!

    I know myself that bendy and the ink machine insnt scary because ive seen both the chapters that are out right now, and let me tell you: this game isnt scary enough. The storyline is really good but the game istself nope, not scary enough. What do you think, yes or no?

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