• Bernie Sanders Good for America

    The happiest countries are socialist because people are having fairly equal lives. They all get the same amount of help from the government. It's possible to be rich but it should not be acceptable that poverty is somehow someone's choice. Systemic changes in our country's policies are necessary and Bernie Sanders talks the talk and walks the walk.

  • He is a good candidate

    Bernie Sanders is a good political candidate for President of the United States representing the Democratic party because he believes the change that needs to happen in the US is one he can achieve. He has a strong belief in reforming the medical system, the belief in the turn around of the economy and plans to back them. Not a lot of good candidates to choose from, but he's at least one.

  • Yes he is

    How could he not be? This dude is a socialist but I really don't think that's any different than what most people would like this country to be. Everyone is always griping about equality and with socialism you'll have everyone earning similar amounts of money. I find it hard to understand why this would be such an awful thing?

  • We don't need socialism

    Sanders wants to take away the things that have made us prosperous. We are wealthy because each person in America is free to pursue his or her own interests. Sanders will shut down the corporations that employ millions and millions of hardworking people. He will tax us to a point that we can't provide for our families.

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