• A Future to Believe in

    Bernie has been pushing for a higher quality of education which many Americans fall short in bernie also wants free college and Healthcare Bernie has been pushing for a thriving middle class and doesnt want our military to be in wars we shouldnt be Bernie has been against Wall Street and wants to tax the rich companies that outsource jobs

  • Yes the Public Underestimates him.

    Yes a Future to Believe in. I Support Bernie But read by words correctly. The Hillary Campaign and the Trump Campaign can spout their doubt are Socialism-fearers. Socialism is a great Economic System to save the world... BUT the Republicans have thrown these doubts at Bernie Ignoring him a we ignore John Kasich in the Democratic Party. People will say "Where will he get the money?" I know where they will from tax payers etc., but they don't realize that. So therefore, they are underestimating him when they don't think he can get done what he says. (Kind of like Donald Trump?)

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