• Bernie Sanders fight is beneficial.

    Yes, Bernie Sander's fight against Big Pharma is helping his campaign. According to Sander, medicine market of America is too expensive. He is fighting against Big, so that he can make all the medicines affordable to the citizens. This fight against expensive medicine will make him popular in America. He can also achieve a huge attention by this fight.

  • Yes, liberal Democarts support Bernie's Big Pharma fight

    Bernie Sanders is primarily running and gaining popularity based on his strong democratic socialist beliefs and refusal to back down from there. Bernie's vocal disgust with the greed of the pharmaceutical companies appeals to his strongest backers and his ability to stand on his principals, taking no money from them, makes him an even stronger candidate.

  • I believe this should be big pharma --this is a good fight for Bernie

    Big pharmaceutical companies are price gouging the public. Apparently the billions they make are not enough, they have to hold the sick and indigent hostage. Bernie Sanders has trumpeted the will of the people, so this is a perfect fight for him. It sure won't hurt his candidacy. After all Someone has to stand up for the little man.

  • Bernie Sanders fight against big pharmaceutical companies is helping his campaign.

    Bernie Sanders' fight against big pharmaceutical companies is helping his campaign. However, what his supporters don't seem to understand is that attacking pharmaceutical companies does not help them as consumers. His supporters still need drugs, but big pharmaceutical companies are the ones producing them. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

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