• Outperforming polls where it counts

    Sanders is consistently outperforming opinion polls by historic margins in the states where it counts to win the general election. Michigan has so far been the only widely covered upset, but Sanders has so far outperformed the polls in all the states he has won, or virtually tied, that they match or exceed those of the Michigan upset.

  • Sanders Will Triumph Despite Strong Lead from Clinton

    Although Hilary Clinton has been the democratic favorite in the past, Bernie Sanders will end up being the Democratic Presidential Candidate for the 2016 election. Sanders gives us something that no other candidate has been able to provide for us - the promise that he is looking out for the interest of the people and not the agenda of big companies in America. Sanders has financed his campaign by the common man, and he has promised along the way that that is who he is fighting for. If there is ever going to be a change in politics, it starts with Bernie.

  • Yes, Bernie has to win or the Democratic Party will fracture

    Bernie Sanders consistently defeats Donald Trump by larger margins in a hypothetical general election than does Hillary Clinton. Bernie is genuine, a true populist, and cannot be bought. Further to that, Bernie has momentum and the ability to take crucial states. I believe he will win the nomination, as he is wholly more trustworthy than the opposition.

  • Bernie Sanders is not going to win

    I don't think Bernie Sanders is going to win the Democratic presidential election, because I don't think he will be nominated in the primary. Too many people in America think that "socialism" is a dirty word and don't appreciate the value in democratic socialism that other countries see. We don't understand the benefits yet, and Hillary Clinton has too much of a lead.

  • He just doesn't have the political steam behind him

    There are a large number of people supporting Bernie Sanders, and he has definitely made a big splash this election cycle. However, he just doesn't have enough power behind him to get the nomination. Clinton is a household name, love her or hate her. Many politicians will support her, giving her the super delegate votes. Bernie won't be completely blown away, but winning the nomination is almost impossible for him.

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