Is Bernie Sanders going to win the Democratic presidential nomination?

  • Obama Was In the Same Position

    Bernie Sanders is in the same position that Obama was in in 2008. Super delegates are not official until the Democratic Nation Convention in July. Clinton should be indited for breaking federal law with her e-mails. Finally Sanders would beat all Republican candidates while Clinton would only beat Trump - by 1%.

  • Too Many Superdelegates for Hillary

    No, Bernie Sanders is not going to win the Democratic presidential nomination, because the superdelegates are already in the bag for Clinton. Debbie Wasserman-Shulz, the head of the democratic party, even said that the purpose of superdelegates is to make sure that a grassroots movement doesn't overtake the party bosses. Clinton won before she even started.

  • He won't have the delegates

    It's great that Bernie Sanders is doing okay, competition is good for everyone involved and his ideas need to be out there and discussed. However, his support amongst black voters is so dismally low he doesn't stand a chance against Hillary Clinton. His only chance is if the super delegates change their minds and I don't think that is going to happen.

  • He's too far behind

    Bernie Sanders is considered somewhat of an extremist on the Democratic sign, and it's been hard for a lot of people to get behind him. Bernie Sanders doesn't have a solid plan, and his ideas just won't work like he says they will. He is never going to get enough delegates to win the nomination because of this.

  • Sanders is not likely to win the Democratic nomination

    Bernie Sanders faces an uphill fight in his battle against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination as president. Although his ideas are laudable, he is perceived as too liberal for the mainstream. The latest debate showed Clinton's strength, and Sanders seemed unprepared for certain lines of attack.
    He is facing off against a well-oiled machine that has the money and organization.

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