Is Bernie Sanders really the "people's choice" candidate for presidency?

  • Bernie Sanders is what America needs

    Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders knows what's wrong with America. He understands that many working Americans can't make ends meet and he knows that it is the government's job to help those people. He knows we need strict gun control laws to combat the mass shootings that seem to happen on an almost-daily basis. Sanders also knows that there are far too many greedy corporate executives and many people in the U.S. agree that something must be done to fairly distribute wealth across the country.

  • Bernie Sanders comes across as more of the "People's Candidate"

    Bernie Sanders is rising in the polls and gaining on Hillary because he relates to the "average" person more. Now whether this is true or he is better at masking his "upper crust" side better is not known. Bernie comes across as a person whom you would run into on the subway or a train station whereas Hillary would take a cab. It is the little things like this that make Bernie seem more relatable and therefore the "people's choice."

  • He is the most real candidate.

    I think he is the candidate that is most likely to help normal people in America. Everyone else seems to have an agenda that involves the rich, but Sanders does not. This may end up being false, but for now it seems he really does want to help ordinary people get ahead.

  • This is a makeup prank

    No one should ever call himself or herself being the 'people's choice' candidate for presidency as this is a gimmick for winning the people's hear. Somehow, politicians will give themselves all sorts of reasons to say they are the best choice or they claim themselves as people's choice, therefore, the public would believe in what they say. Don't fall into these traps!

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