Is Bernie Sanders right to say that Sandra Bland would not have died if she had been white?

  • We all know Sandra Bland would not have died if she was a white woman having a bad day

    Unfortunately this poor woman has died a heinous death and the questions remain. Most of America tries to bury it's head and not realize that there really is such a thing as white privilege. That officer would have given Sandra Bland the benefit of the doubt, that she was just having a bad day, if she was a white female in that car. Instead he immediately threatens her with bodily harm, which is something most men are taught not to do to women. He forces her out of the safety of her vehicle and a few minutes later has her pinned down in the grass in humiliating fashion. He escalated the situation rather than being professional, giving her a ticket if he so chose and sending her on her way. There was absolutely no reason for this woman to have been forced out of her car by a hostile, aggressive man in a uniform. The positive in all of this is these things are being caught on camera where America can no longer pretend it is not happening.

  • There is a history of racial prejudic against black people so that is very likely

    Ever since African Americans were singled out as slaves over the poor Europeans who were also working for Americans as slaves we've been at the bottom of the cast system. This has not changed up to this point so the fact that she died because of her race is highly likely. The cop had no right to do what he did and only would have gotten away with it if his victim was black ( and guess what Sandra Bland is), if you look at the news you'll see that different adjectives are used when it comes to groups of blacks or whites in a similar situation. There's a clear bias and I believe that is why Sandra Bland died so yes, Bernie Sanders is right to say that Sandra would not have died if she were white.

  • No. Bernie may be

    Politically correct, but he is factually incorrect. What data does he have to make that ridiculous accusation? Did he happen to cite any data at all while taking that low blow at law enforcement? This is not a racial issue, this a cultural issue. Don't believe me? Go to youtube and start looking up videos of law enforcement encounters. You'll see that in situations where apprehended citizens are compliant and respectful (white and black) the encounter ends peacefully and usually with no consequence. When apprehended citizens talk back, become physically threatening or rude (white and black) someone usually gets hurt and in rare cases a fatality may occur.

    It's stupid comments just like what Bernie Sanders said that is keeping destructive racism alive in this country.

  • That is absurd.

    Sandra Bland did not deserve to die. But when she was pulled over she got btchy with the cop and had to be arrested. When she was in jail she hung her self. This happens to white people all the time. White people also make stupid decisions and end up paying for them with their lives.

  • Bernie Sanders manipulates the young and uninformed.

    Sanders is a terrible man who manipulates the uninformed and idealistic. He wishes to get his way by stealing funds for his programs from unborn generations of future Americans. His supporters, acting like he is a moral compass, overlook the inherent tyranny of theft, taxation and redistribution of fairly-earned assets.

  • I don't think so.

    By all accounts, Sandra Bland committed suicide in her prison cell. Although the guards should have paid more attention to her, I don't think that they would have paid more attention if she was white. I think this was a case of guards not paying attention and not a racist issue.

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