• Saunders may win the democratic nomination

    Saunders could very well win the democratic nomination with his socialist-democratic bent, since many Americans distrust Clinton and her large campaign donation sums.Voters do not want Wall Street in the White House.Saunders will get the support of younger voters, blue-collar workers, older voters, and low-income workers for his policies for better wages, lower taxes, and better health care for the average person. He has the support of a large segment of the population. It will be a close.

  • Sanders will win the democratic nomination

    I think it is a lock that Bernie Sanders will win the democratic nomination for presidential candidate. He has better support from everywhere in the electorate. Hillary has too much of a bad past to be able to withstand the bulldozer that Bernie Sanders is. She will have to step aside.

  • The Support of the People

    A walk around the city reveals that Bernie Sanders is the most likely to win the democratic nomination. From daily conversation to bumper stickers, he is the most supported Democratic candidate. Although he is not as famous as others such as Clinton, democrats are gradually leaning away from her and towards fresher candidates like Sanders.

  • Bernie Sancers is not sure to win the Democratic nomination

    Although he is doing very well in some polls, it is simply too early to tell whether Sanders will get the nomination. Even if his numbers were higher than they are, it would not be a sure thing. A lot can happen in the next months, including mistakes and scandals that could damage his popularity.

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