• Bernie Sanders does surprisingly well in Iowa Caucus

    Bernie Sanders shocked the Democratic party and others with his virtual tie in the Iowa Caucus. Few gave the 74 year old self-described Democratic Socialist much of a chance. Aside from identifying as a Socialist, he also faces Hillary Clinton, who has broad recognition, fund raising prowess, and a solid resume.

  • Bernie Sanders was not a surprise

    I think that Bernie Sanders was not a surprise at all. It was known all-along that it would happen this way. The voters said it, the media said it, and the anonymous polls said it too. So I am very glad it turned out that way but it was not a big surprise.

  • Ted Cruz is the biggest surprise.

    While Bernie Sanders tying in the polls with Hillary Clinton was a big surprise, and one that will hopefully know Clinton down a few pegs, the biggest surprise was Ted Cruz's victory over Trump. Trump, like Clinton, believe that they have the primary elections in the bag. But the Iowa caucus has shown that they might not.

  • Bernie Saunders was neck and neck with Clinton, yet he was defeated

    Saunders has maintained momentum during the presidential race. He has run an impressive campaign. Yet, he has not challenged Clinton directly. He is not the biggest surprise since it was expected that Clinton would win. However, he has a loyal following amongst working-class people and special interest groups. His plan to make universities tuition-free, in particular, earned him approval in Iowa in 2015.

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