• Bernie Saunders has set out to re-build the middle class

    Saunders' plan has all the makings to help the middle class thrive in America. This plan includes Medicare for all citizens, tuition-free public colleges and universities, a raise for minimum wage jobs, better old age security, paid family leave and more job creation for the young and unemployed for improving infrastructure in America .His plan saves money for families, helps the disadvantaged and unemployed find good jobs, and improves quality of life for people. Citizens have been complaining about inequality in the US for years. While Saunders has a solid plan, there are many people that fall under the middle class bracket, people which seem to be ignored in this plan. The plan should include working class people as well.

  • Sanders a clear option

    With the current bombastic nature of US politics it can be easy to lose sight of the middle ground. Bernie Sanders presents a clear and valid option, especially for those in the middle class, who are otherwise disenfranchised or otherwise unimpressed with the alternative candidates currently running their different campaigns.

  • Bernie Can Relate Most

    Bernie Sanders understands the middle class more than other candidates in the presidential race. He is not ridiculously wealthy and he believes extravagance is a slap in the face to people who are struggling. Society should not be okay with a small amount of the population living such carefree lives while others are not doing as well. How can one do these things and not feel the need to help others?

  • Obama was also supposed to be the "savior", but...

    Under Obama, the national debt doubled. He accumulated the same amount of debt as every president that preceded him combined. Bernie Saunders proposes massive increases in social spending, when the US deficit and debt is already insanely out of control. Doubling and even tripling the US debt under a Saunders administration is not in the interests of every day Americans. I don't see how printing money on a socialist spending spree to the point of hyper inflating the cost of a loaf of bread to $100.00 will help the middle class. It would be a shame to see the problems of the Zimbabwe dollar or Greece hit America full force. If that happens, I hope every American has a wheelbarrow to haul their cash to the grocery store.

  • Bernie Sanders is not the savior for the middle class

    Bernie Sanders is most definitely not the savior for the middle class. Quite the opposite, in fact. Should he be elected and his policies implemented, it would be the worst thing to happen to this country in years. Socialism has been repeatedly proven to be a failure. Nothing that Sanders offers can change that. He would be a disaster.

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