• Socialism is Bad

    Socialism is nothing more than communism to a lesser extent. It does nothing to improve the economy, it just makes it worse. The only way an economy can succeed is through free market capitalism.

    Sanders just doesn't understand that a fifteen dollar minimum wage will hurt the job market, and that there is no way we can afford to make education free for everyone.

  • America is Capitalist, Bernie is Socialist

    Saying Bernie Sanders is a "democratic socialist" is akin to saying a person is a "conservative republican," it changes nothing about their core beliefs, it only emphasizes them. This country has a 17 trillion dollar debt that will continue to rise, and yet we have increased the budget. Bernie Sanders would have to raise taxes to unprecedented levels, increase the budget, and still increase the debt in order to implement his policies.
    Despite what many of his supporters believe, the top 1% of the country could NOT pay for his policies, even with a tax rate of 100%. It isn't even close. In fact, if you taxed the top 1% by 100% the money taken from them would come 250 BILLION dollars short of paying for ONLY community college, one of Bernie's' several proposals. The income in this country simply CANNOT sustain the massive government programs already implemented, let alone bear adding new ones.
    Fiscal responsibility needs to be the focus for America, not expanded government programs and spending.

  • Yes, his beliefs go beyond American principles.

    Bernie Sanders is too socialist to be president of the United States because the United States is a country founded on the principles of the free market and free actions for each individual. In a recent presidential debate, Sanders said that climate change is the cause of terrorism. With this mindset, Sanders cannot take appropriate steps to protect the country. He plans for an extremely high minimum wage. When a society implements a high minimum wage, it bankrupts the economy and ultimately costs jobs. He is too socialist to lead a free country.

  • Emphasis on DEMOCRATIC Socialist

    His views are for the benefit of the majority. While he wants the best, he does not want the same. I personally believe that he is misjudged for his title, socialist. You can't be that uneducated to think that a socialist, or anything close to a socialist would be even considered to be POTUS. Bernie has the right vision, wanting the best for everybody.

  • Nobody is purely socialist.

    In our society we have lost the power to look up the definitions of words and find the true meaning of things. At times this feels like the McCarthy era, where any time the words communist or socialist were uttered it was a bad thing. All one has to do is look at the history of the world and see that there is no country that is purely socialist or purely communist, we aren't even purely capitalist. Everything is a hybrid version of the original idea because it sounds good on paper but when implemented it takes a little more practicality. Bernie Sanders is just what we need to reform this country from what it has become. A lot of things that Sanders is proposing is reminiscent of what FDR proposed in his New Deal. We need something new because what we currently have isn't really working.

  • Not a socialist

    I don't believe Bernie Sanders is really a socialist. I believe that he wants what is best for everybody, and he feels that equality should be the standard in our country. He believes that everyone deserves a fighting chance, and by increasing equality we can ensure that those who are struggling have a better chance at getting ahead. I don't think he has any intentions of turning this country into a truly socialistic society.

  • Bernie wants what's best for the people, Which is EXACTLY what we need for the next president

    People think of "socialism" as a bad word, but in reality they're just taught to be scared by the money hungry people who control the wealth of the country. There are certain people like Joseph Stalin who were labeled as socialists and are feared for all the bad that they did, but not all socialism is bad. Bernie wants to take some of the wealth from the top 1% of the country and share it amongst the lower half of the country. There is nothing bad about what he wants to do. Nobody needs as much money as the top 1% have. It's in the everybody's best interest to have money back in the hands of the middle and lower class vs all with the top 1%.

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