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  • No, Amazon is a lot more successful than Best Buy.

    No, even in the electronics market Amazon is a much more successful business. People from all over the world use Amazon to purchase everything, including electronics, whereas Best Buy does not have the same global brand efficacy and usability and relies more heavily on in person sales. Amazon is clearly growing electronic sales while Best Buy is not.

  • They charge too much.

    Wise shoppers know that they can go online and get a better deal on Amazon. Best Buy is at a disadvantage because they only work with one retailer, and that is themselves. Amazon posts the goods of many retailers. Some people just want to get rid of old stuff on Amazon, so they can offer great deals.

  • Selection and Prime Make Amazon a Better Choice

    Best Buy cannot compete with Amazon for online purchases. Amazon has a much wider selection and is the first site that I go to when considering any purchase. I compare prices on Amazon to other sites and almost always find the best price on Amazon. I am a Prime member. You cannot beat free 2 day shipping. Very few other sites will offer that service.

  • It doesn't have the range of products

    While Best Buy works well for the consumer and is certainly a successful business in its own right, it is not accurate to suggest that it is a comparable business to Amazon. Amazon sells almost every type of product that one could imagine and it is hard to think of another business being able to compete with its range.

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