• If you are not wealthy she is.

    As long as you, you're children, and you're grandchildren aren't guaranteed a good private school because of wealth and political connections she is a disaster.

    Her stated goal (prior to trumps campaign) was the complete removal of private education in favor of non regulated charter schools.

    This means that all children WILL NOT be able to get a quality education, or even get an education at all. These same children are then nearly destined to lead a life of poverty if not being forced into homelessness and death.

    However that would be a good thing for those with a guaranteed education as the competition for highly skilled jobs will be greatly reduced, and other non or lesser skilled jobs can either be replaced with automation or have compensation floored reducing the price they have to pay.

  • Yes she is.

    Yes, she is a disaster because she neither understands nor believes in the public school system. Her ideas have to do with giving parents vouchers to use in private schools. This system doesn't work very well for the majority of people. Her lack of experience and her strange ideas will harm the education system in our country.

  • Yes, she is.

    It’s difficult to overstate how nightmarish DeVos’s policy positions would be for students with disabilities and their parents. With no guaranteed access to publicly funded private education, parents of these students would have little choice but to send their children to public schools—even if they’re underfunded due to local voucher programs. That would create a discriminatory, two-tiered educational system. And that doesn’t seem to bother DeVos, who refused to say whether she’d preserve funding for public education. And if your child is sexually assaulted at school, good luck: DeVos also would not confirm her intention to enforce Title IX as it’s currently defined.

  • She is a hard worker.

    For Betsy DeVos, education is a passion. She has put her time and her money where her mouth is. She has put a great deal of money into Potter's House in Grand Rapids, and into other initiatives in Michigan to work with education. She will do a good job putting positive reforms into place.

  • No, she is not a disaster.

    Betsy DeVos is not a disaster. DeVos is not responsible for the failure of our public education system: spending more money per pupil and getting lower quality education; students graduating high school and college lacking critical thinking skills; students graduating college without employment skills. In short, Betsy DeVos is not responsible for the past and current failures of our education system.

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Arget says2017-01-21T07:23:41.610
It feels to me that the republican norm when dealing with things intended to help the american people is not to FIX them but instead throw them away, or if essential then let someone else take it over and run it for a profit with no oversight?