• Yes, beyonce is a feminist

    Beyonce believes that a woman is capable of doing the same things as a man. She is strong, business like and in control of her own life. She Is raising a child with the help of her husband, yet still working in the business. Who says a woman has to stay home and mind the kitchen?

  • She has been since the days of Destiny's Child

    Since her days with Destiny's Child, Beyonce has been preaching about the power of women and the abilities of living as an independent woman. In her songs, she sings about a woman being able to make her own decisions and having relations with whichever man she sees fit. Feminism is about being powerful and retaining a woman's rights to do what she wants, when she wants and Beyonce certainly embodies this.

  • Sure she is.

    Feminism, in its basic definition, is the argument that women are equal to men. Beyonce believes that women are equal to men, so be definition she is a feminist. Feminism is not the belief that women are better than men or that men and women shouldn't have sex. Read a bit about it!

  • Yes, in her own way.

    Feminism is so convoluted today, there are many variations. But the one common denominator is that a woman is free to do what she wants, and Beyonce is doing just that. Not only is she a role model for women, she is helping pave the way for other women to do what they wish. That is feminism.

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