• A good role model is one who doesn't provoke.

    Not only she hasn't used drugs(it's obvious,i think), but she hasn't even been caught smoking. Her lyrics are meaningful, with messages. Unlike other singers she doesn't promote smoking, drinking, having sex, using drugs etc. You can't even imagine her doing that stuff, but even if she does at least noone knows. Her talent is insane. In fact she dance like crazy and sing at the same time and still sounds like a CD. She has actual talent and that's the reason she is on the mainstream. I'm not sure if she really offers something to teens but she sure does to women.

  • Actual talent and a private life

    At the tender age of 31, Beyonce has already been one of the world’s most famous women for half of her life. And yet she’s never gone off the rails, shaved her head in a fit of madness, or lost her cool in public. Have you ever seen Beyonce falling out of a club? Have you ever seen her getting out of a car with a skirt so short you can see her uterus? No. There are very few female singers today who have become successful on the back of genuine talent, hard work and graciousness, but Beyonce is one of them and young girls could do a lot worse than pick her as an role model. E.G. Rihanna.

  • Beyonce is great

    She has talent, empowers women, beyonce is successful and hardworking, she has a child and a good relationship with her fans and family. Beyonce is a strong woman and extremely humble. She believes in equality and respect. She has quite a positive influence on young girls around the world .

  • She is so good

    I love beyonce so she has got such a nice figure she is a mazing i wish i was like her she has won alot of awards she has a little girl calles blue ive she is a singer and a danser and she is only 32 years old she i a mazing i whis i was like beyonce i love her

    Posted by: mu8m
  • Beyoncé is the best

    I believe that Beyoncé is a good role model because she never gives up, she's an independent woman who stands up for what she believes in. She may have a ton of money, and an incredible body, but behind all her fame and fortune she's a human being, she cries, she gets nervous, she does everything "normal" people do. She is someone who many females around the world look up to because of her independence and how she is so down to earth unlike many other celebrities.

  • She is amazing

    She never gives up, is very charitable. She always gives and donates to charity, helps out with cancer patients etc. She even has her own charitable organization. She is an amazing person inside and out. She gives off the vibe of being confident and independent, which a lot of girls need.

  • because she never gives up and stays strong

    Beyonce is a really good model for girls as she has had a lot of difficulties in life but she never gave up and continued to sing and improve her career. She always stood strong and lives a strong and never giving up life and teaches her fans to never say never.

  • Beyoncé is the ideal role model for teenagers

    In terms of a relationship, she is teaching young girls to go through dating, marriage and then having children, which is what all young girls need to concentrate on. And all the rubbish about Satan is NOT true. She is a strong Christian believer, and would never follow the devil or Lucifer or whatever you weird people call it.. If you know so much about it, you probably worship the devil yourselves.

  • Hell to the yeah

    She is amazing in every way, I'm currently doing an assignment on her and she is so strong and stands for everything she believes in. She never gives in. What she believes in is what she stands by. She is a role model in every way and in everything she does.

  • Definitely, no doubt.

    She portrays a young healthy image for young girls. She is charitable and has never been famous for something like drugs or a sex tape. She is famous because of her talent. She also waited until she was married to have a child, she dated, married THEN had a child.

  • Illuminizzle fo shizzle

    Beyonce is a Illuminati satan-worshipping goddess. The Illuminati takes away the freedom of the individual to define their own place in the world without being subject to mass mind-control by defining the news we are exposed to, the music we listen to (which is often packed with subliminal messaging) and the products we purchase, the chemicals in the water we drink and more. Whitney Houston is the latest victim of a yet another conspiracy theory regarding the Illuminati. Houston’s sudden death on Saturday has caused some to theorize that it was, in fact, murder at the hands of the Illuminati. Some even think this “sacrifice” was made so Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby, Blue Ivy, could live. Blue Ivy is an anagram for the name "Eulb Yvi" (Blue Ivy spelled backwards). Lucifer's daughter in Latin. Chris brizzle is in illuminati fo shizzle my nizzle come have a sausge sizzle with left brizzle before the night of chrismizzle ya fizzle me

  • She Is A Fake

    "Queen Beyonce" and her "Bey Hive" claim she is a feminist icon, yet she calls her show "The Mrs Carter Show" as if she is Jay-Z's property and is so egotistical she dressed up like a Queen on the poster. Her "documentaries" are scripted, her routines and style copied from Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Tina Turner etc. And she teaches young girls that they can only be successful if they undress. She also tries to look more white, with her blonde wigs and skin that gets lighter and lighter as time goes on. The main reason why she is so successful is her sex appeal. No young woman or girl should ever act or dress as she does. Personally, I don't think she is very smart either.

  • She has been FAKE.

    She acts like she is a good person bit actually is not. She is the one behind Kanye West who did a rude thing to Taylor Swift on VMAs. She is a song writer? She take her name in front of a credit of her songs but she isn't the main song writer. Once in a while, someone who is a song writer told a journalist that Beyonce took his song to credited herself as a main song writer. Not only she is a thief but she also a bad influence on a media. Recently, one DJ who talked about Beyonce's rumor got a fired. Anyway the medias are not tell the people about Beyonce's bad sides, I think everyone know why.

  • Good Entertainer, that's it

    Beyonce is good at her craft and she is beautiful, but her music is strictly for adults now, not young ladies who don't wanna go grow up stripping in the clubs, my daughter adores B and in turn my 7yr old granddaughter loves her new album and it's disturbing to hear little girls sing to this music, they think i'm old fashioned and picky. Smh

  • Is this even a real debate?

    With all of the amazingly successful women in the world today, why is Beyonce even considered? The repeated argument that she waited until she was married to have a child is so utterly ridiculous. Is that what it has come to? Wow! Gee, she didn't have a child out of wedlock. Give her Role Model of the Year Award. She has plenty of songs about submissive sex to go with the "deep" songs because, of course, sex sells. Otherwise she wouldn't be rich and we wouldn't even be having this discussion. It truly disgusts me that our First Lady could call her a role model. She has done absolutely NOTHING to empower women and, in fact, has degraded women by using only her body and sex appeal to gain success. She can wear and say whatever she likes as all women can and should. But that doesn't mean she is promoting feminism!

  • Feminism gone wrong.

    Beyoncé claims she is a feminist (which is believing in the equality of both genders) yet her messages are clear that females are the dominant sex, seen in her lyrics 'who runs the world? Girls!' Not only that, she flaunts her sexuality in the media to gain fame and glory and sets unrealistic standards for her young, influential fans (both male and female). Furthermore, her lyrics and musical material is shallow and has little, if any, meaning... I feel that there are many other musicians that deserve the status in the music business that she has.

  • The queen of all selfies

    This attention seeking fake is exactly the kind of role model that has created the current narcissism with so many young people today.
    Young girls with image conscious personas led on by this woman obsessed by her own. Saw a bit of a doco where she is directing her own video in a demanding way. So camera conscious. Just look at any of her video clips. Saw also young children girls less than ten emulating her sexualised "put a ring on it" moves. Add in all the other stupid influences with reality shows such as the Kadashians housewives of this and that and a host of other fake female entertainers in similar self promoting image projecting garbage television fed up to the lightweight brains that continually demand it just ensures that low morals, literacy levels and fake people will propagate. Wake up people.

  • Not a good role model.

    In my honest opinion Beyonce is not my role model what so ever. I do applaud her talent, but seriously, me being a teenager and in college, i just don't agree with some of the things that she does on stage and in music videos. She claims to be such a feminist and believes in women's empowerment, well if so, PUT SOME CLOTHES ON. Let's be honest, could she really last a whole month with a minimum wage salary, work a 9-5 job, take care of children, cook, clean, wash her own clothes, and wake up and do it again? Does she know what it's like to struggle not only with money but as an everyday average hardworking woman? And really her lyrics to schoolin life "who needs a degree when your schoolin life?" Hell, I do just to get a good job. Beyonce is not my role model.

  • Beyonce Too Sexualized

    She is sending the message that her sexuality is a huge part of their self worth, that promiscuity will bring good things their way, and that happiness is about wealth and being a sexual woman. I do not want my daughters to think that that kind of life will bring them true happiness, because it honestly wont.

  • Bey is an amazing role model

    In fact she is the only person i truly look up to. It is not beyonces job to parent your children. If she does something supporting different morals than yours just teach your kids differently. Bey is the most talented, successful, beautiful, graceful, humble human being. She does not deserve to be judged so harshly.

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