Is Biblical morality objective (yes) or subjective (no)?

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  • The bible is Gods Word

    I see the result of a secular society , and how unrestrained sin ruins lives and corrupts everything it touches - And I see the contrast both in my own life and of others changed lives that Christ has touched and the restored relationships -' Light has come into the world, but men loved the darkness rather than the light (Jesus) because their deeds were evil' - book of John chap3 verse 19
    So the reason we have subjective morals in society is because people are unwilling to come under Gods authority - theyd rather have their own ways - but wait, without the ensuing problems which come as a result of disobedience to Godly living - Sorry people you cant have it both ways .....

  • Morality in the Bible is clearly objective

    The Bible spans over several dispensations: conscience, Noachide laws, promise, law, and grace. Each dispensation leading to grace was toward a moral evolution in fixed objective moral principles. Grace which came in the New Testament became the full revelation of objective morality. Grace is the goodness of God extended to human, after humans have been shown to be inherently wicked and deserving of condemnation.

  • Key word "bible"

    Putting the terms of morality in relation to the bible and expecting that it should be followed by everyone is just ignorant. It would be like claiming that priests didn't abuse children, or that top level evangelical pastors haven't smoked crystal meth with male prostitutes while their wives were at home with the kids. The bible was written with a purpose, which is to push the agenda of a superior religion. For this reason, it is completely obvious that the issue is objective.

  • They are clearly subjective.

    "Thou Shalt not Kill"...Unless it's disobedient children or nonbelievers or adulterers. Or if "god" wants to slay all the firstborn of Egypt for a crime the Pharaoh allegedly committed (the story is a fable, but the point remains).
    The bible's morality changes constantly. Rape is bad, unless you take prisoners of war, then you can rape the virgins and force them to marry you. Slavery is perfectly acceptable, genocide is okay when the Israelites are the ones doing the slaying...

  • Slavery, Genocide, Child Abuse, and Misogynism Isn't Cool

    While slavery, genocide, child abuse, and misogynism may have been perfectly acceptable in the bronze-aged Middle East, it is no longer acceptable in modern society, which would make the following thought logical.

    1. The Bible has *some* morals that are not objective.

    2. The Bible's morals are subjective, at least eventually.

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