• Biden Did Not Win

    Biden is not the president. He won by democrats and big tech cheating the election. It is a fact. There is proof everywhere. It's just being suppressed by fake news. Democrat gestapo BLM and Antifa will burn down your house if you question it. And now that they got him in office, They are running the show, Not Biden. He's too stupid. He is only there to read what they tell him to read. His son Hunter uses his position to make money from China. The fake news makes it sound like everyone likes him. 90% don't.

  • Well, First of all he has no brain cells. He is a democratic idiot.

    He needs a ear piece to talk. He mostly messes up on basic words. He is a clutch. Might as well look at him as a clown. Others may disagree, Even democratic idiots think he is dumb but just hate trump so they vote joe Biden. They clearly cheated knowing that they won’t win. Why the democrats have to steal the vote?

  • Look at all the past laws he past

    1994 crime bill failed, Automatic rifle bill, Having to use the 2020 riots to his advantage yet nothing came of it. He caused people not to bankrupt with there student loans. He had a bad pull out of Afghanistan which millions of arms were left behind. Increased the money supply of 5 trillion

  • Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated

    He is unable to form simple sentences, And Asia is laughing at America now! Similar to how in 2016, A lot of Americans voted for Trump because they weren't voting for Trump, But rather voting against Clinton. In 2020, Most people weren't going to vote for Biden, But more so against Trump.

  • Only in the sense that it is stupid to be evil.

    Joe Biden is obviously not completely stupid because he has at least had enough intelligence to be able to manipulate people into voting for him for around 50 years. However, He is an evil human being, And it is obviously stupid to be evil. So in that sense, He is.

  • What does that make you

    If biden was so incompetent and dumb then how did he win against a "genius" and if he did cheat. How could a dumb guy get away with cheating?
    And if he was a puppet you just lost to a puppet. All that recounted and whining and no one could even stop biden

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