• Record number of complaints mean success.

    Big Brother seasons and their success can be measured in how much whining and complaining the fans do. With the amount of bellyaching over Frankie, Christine, Victoria (or was it Valencia? Veronica? Veruca?) and Devin being "the worst players ever", the 16th season of Big Brother has indeed been the best season yet!

  • To be honest...

    The entire show has been quite boring from its initial launch. I mean, here you have a dozen people, completely random strangers living inside a makeshift home for 3 months, no outside access to information, and cameras watching their every move. And here's the beauty of it... You can actually pay a monthly fee and watch a live feed! To me I think the show is looking for hype. The only people that are going to have serious interest in the show will be the contestant's families. I can't see the show going on much longer. Maybe another season or two, maybe. That hype seems to have fizzled out.

    Posted by: S.K
  • No, season 16 is the beginning of the end.

    To my surprise I was very disappointed by this season of Big Brother. My favorite aspect of the show has always been competition and game play. Unfortunately this season felt like the shows direction was focused primarily on the drama angle. Which I have no doubt boosted their ratings through the roof but It left all of us, and by all of us I mean the few of us, that still enjoy the competition aspect feeling unsatisfied.

  • Big Brother Has Not Improved

    Big Brother has not improved. This is because in every cast they have their characters -- the nice people, the back-stabbers, the leaders, and followers. The only thing that changes really are the faces. I was upset when the guy with the beard left. I thought he was a cool character.

  • Pretty Boring Season 16

    Big Brother has had many twists and turns over the years. The cast of Big Brother 16 has had a number of players who have seen past seasons, and have clearly paid attention to develop their strategies. Additionally, the poor casting of Season 15 resulted in a calmer, more inclusive group of cast members. While that has its value, it has also made it pretty dull this season.

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