• Unfortunately, it does

    The PATRIOT Act allow the government to wiretap us warrentlessly, there are traffic cameras on every street corner (I live in a town of 45,000 and we have cameras at litterally, every corner). They are now using drones for surveilence. They moniter the internet. They monitor our emails. Now they want to monitor how much we eat, drink, smoke, etc. It might not be 1984 big brother, but big brother certainly does exist, in one form or another.

  • Slowly, and inevitably, we are getting there.

    Governmental surveillance has never been more pervasive, as the NSA and similar organizations (all exempt from legislative oversight) monitor even more aspects of our lives. From high speed license plate scanners, to drones, to super massive phone tap databases, Big Brother is fast becoming a reality. In the Utah desert, NSA monitoring systems record and aggregate every aspect of our lives, as aided by technology.

  • Yes, everything we do is being monitored.

    With the technological advances of our era, we are giving Big Brother all the tools he needs to observe and monitor our every move. Everything we do and say is being monitored for their "research" (which is a pseudonym for social control). Be careful what you say and what you do, Big Brother is watching you.

  • Not in the "traditional sense"

    I'm going to assume this is addressing the government concept and not the show that not one single person has ever watched. No, while the government wants to know more about us than we'd like them to in most cases, there isn't this all knowing oppressive conspiracy machine monitoring every last move we make.

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