• The one and only

    Or at least the last I've check

    Symptoms include:
    the damned smile
    the stoner eyes
    the overall face that makes you want to punch it
    the stupid laugh
    and the internet fame

    So from the looks of it, Yes, But these exact signs may also be present in other living creatures. There may also be more than one big chungus in the world

  • It's all coming together!

    So, Lets treat this like a math equation, And start off with what we know

    Big Chungus ≠ meme
    (They don't cancel properly)
    Big Changes ≠ joke
    (also, Doesn't cancel properly)
    So, For now, The value of Big Chungus is? . ? Stands for unknown.
    So. . .
    Big Chungus = Unknown
    Let's cancel the common factors.
    Big Chgus = known
    So Big Chgus is known.
    We can commute the letters of Big Chgus through the commutative property. '
    Big Chugs = known
    What's big chugs? Well, Who drinks big chugs? ALCHOLICS!
    Sooo. . . . .
    Alcholics = known.
    Who is a known alcoholic?
    Earnest Hemmingway! (Earnest)
    What does Earnest sound like? Furnace.
    Furnaces are hot.
    And, What do people who are stupid think 'big' people are? NOT hot.


  • Big chungus is not big chungus

    Because big chungus is not big chungus
    Big chungus is small chungus because he is not powerful so he needs to be expelled from the borders of the Internet, A wall is needed to be build ton separate big chungus from our loving people. Love, Bigger chungus 2. 0.

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