• This is not just about the security of America.

    The government should not be able to collect or private emails and phone calls, text messages etc. What if someone was doing a paper on some gruesome subject, say like all about how to make IEDs and it was for a college class about terrorism and the government sees you are searching the subject. They might flag you as a threat based on innocent google searches.

  • Big Data is turning the govt. into Big Brother

    With the incredibly increasing amount of accessible multimedia & increased connectivity, it is becoming easier for the government to monitor society as Big Brother. Every computer, tablet, phone, and now TV's are connected through the world wide web. With the increased connectivity, the government has the ability to monitor all of its citizens' internet activity.

  • Yes. There is too much data gathering and storage.

    With the advent of technology, it seemed like a wonderful thing to have access to so much data about ourselves, each other, and the world. However, we have to realize that everyone else has it, too, and that includes those in government. There is far too much information being collected and we have no idea where or how it is being stored or for what purpose.

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