• Taxation is theft.

    Taxation is, In essence, Theft. When the government "spends" money, It is squandering money. Your money. Don't give them that ability and that freedom to squander your blood, Sweat, And tears on causing more mayhem and destruction (you could say, Their own blood, Sweat, And tears) in the middle east.

  • It is more like dictotorship

    It is more like dictatorship where the government gets to control all the media and not let people use it since they don't want the people say stuff about the government. Which is bad because it means the government is scared of the minorities talking about them. So, I think it is bad.

  • It is more like dictotorship

    It is more like dictatorship where the government gets to control all the media and not let people use it since they don't want the people say stuff about the government. Which is bad because it means the government is scared of the minorities talking about them. So, I think it is bad.

  • The free - dom of envy

    The promise that more government will provide me a lifestyle of more free things, free health care, college, free social programs.....Etc. Creates a society that is based on envy, I want what somebody else has and that they can ( they think) that big government can provide. This will slowly and without you knowing erode your indendepence into dependence. Once this erodes, the spirit of the human sacrifc

  • Yes. 3 Reasons.

    The current government is pretty big compared to how it was a century ago. It has been growing under the leadership of Obama. However, I believe that a big government is not a good thing. It makes that taxes higher and increases the national debt. Also, it gets corrupt and power-consuming.
    A big government is bad because it makes the taxes higher. A bigger government requires more money to pay them. Therefore, they would raise the taxes. Raising taxes increases poverty, making people struggle to avoid bankruptcy. During his presidency, Obama raised the taxes, making an average workman lose about $1000 in income. He raised the employee payroll tax rate from 4.2% to 6.2%.
    Because, it increases the national debt, a big government is bad. A bigger government costs money. Because of a need for money, the national debt will be increased. An increasing national debt will cause a landslide of decreasing economy quality. Since Obama’s victory in the presidential election in 2008, the national debt has increased by 80 percent much higher than any other president, including Bush. This happened because he expanded the government and added in Common Core, giving the government in Washington D. C. Power over education, which should go to the state governments.
    Finally, an immense government will run down our country because it gets corrupt and controlling more and more of what should be the people’s rights. When the government gets bigger, they need to find more “jobs” for the government officials to do. Therefore, the government takes rights away from the people and give them to government officials. Also, when a government is bigger, people wanting money and power will join and abuse their power. The government will be so big that no one notices this. Soon the government becomes a group of corrupt and greedy people running around trying to get more. That happened under Obama. He let and wanted the government to expand so now our government is overrunning with misers, little “kings,” and all kinds of power and money-thirsty people.
    In conclusion, a big government is a bad government because it will make the tax rate rise, causing people to grow poorer, the government richer. In addition to rising taxes, the national debt, too, will leap up because of the want of money to pay each individual in the growing government. Also, when the government is big, it will be filled with corrupt and greedy people.

  • Large Government = A Loss of Freedom

    The more we give the government the more they will want. This just means, if we give them an inch they may take a mile.
    Through out history we can see that larger the Government, the less liberty its citizens have. Lets look at this in an example. 8 years ago (which really isn't that long) every US citizen had the liberty to chose any health care provider they wanted or to simply not have health care at all. Now with the implementation of "OBAMA CARE " citizen have a strictly limited selection, should they want health care. But if they chose to exercise their freedom and opt out of heath care they are slapped with a severe fine more than the average american can reasonably afford. But this is just one example of many. In conclusion, when the responsibility of of a nation drifts away from democracy, and in to the realm of big Government. The consequences could be irreversible.

  • Can you think of an efficient government program?

    America was founded on the principle of having a smaller government. This is why we have such an emphasis on freedom. Not to mention, more government means more taxes and looser influence of public opinion. The post office loses money, social security is losing money, and our debts are only rising. The government operates on an inefficient level and making it larger means more oversight of fraud and greater debt.

  • Yes, they overpower the people

    A big government has too much power and ignores the wants and needs of the people they are supposed to be governing. Big government takes too much money and raises taxes while lowering the pay of the working men. Crime goes up and the general contentment of the citizens goes down.

  • Yes, it becomes like a spreading cancer.

    Big government is bad only because once it reaches a certain size it can no longer police itself. At that point it becomes run by special interest groups, politicians with hidden agendas, and nepotism. Money is no longer a concern and vast sums are allocated to the most insignificant undertaking. It loses sight of it's original purpose for being.

  • It Can Be

    I believe big government can be bad. I think in places like the United States you see the government trying to address issues they probably shouldn't or the create laws that can't be enforced or shouldn't be enforced. Doing all of these things can create a big government that directly and negatively impacts the citizens.

  • It has its place

    The problem lies in a nanny state. That's the bad thing. But sometimes gov't has good functions. Gov't was needed to break up monopolies that were engaging in supressing competition. In that gov't is good. It's when it becomes a nanny state and gets itself involved in economics and people's personal lives that it's a problem.

  • Different from a nanny state

    There is nothing wrong with big government when it becomes clear that markets are incapable of regulating themselves. The government is here because it needs to step in and make sure that everything is running smoothly and stably. When it begins making personal, social life choices for its citizens, that's when it becomes a problem.

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