• You Can't Put a Patent on Natural Vegetation!

    Big Pharma only cares about making huge profits and don't care what they have to do to get it! If they "cared" about finding cures then why is it that 1 out of 2 people get cancer now? True knowledge has been suppressed far too long. GOD has given us natural cures but we've gotten away from this and rely on a money hungry medical system. Dr. Max Gearson found the cure for cancer in 1943 but was murdered by arsenic poisoning shortly after! Cancer and all diseases can only survive in an acid state. Just like we can only survive if there's oxygen. The foods and drinks we consume provides to this acid state. Dr. Gearson figured out that if we clear our mucas membrane and changed to an alkaline diet then NO DISEASE could survive! If we all knew this how would Big Pharma make profits? You can't put a patent on vegetables! WAKE UP AMERICA.... Turn off the T.V. , go do your own research and start thinking for yourself again before it's too late!

  • I do think that the Big Pharma is corrupt

    Life saving drugs are you kidding me? Let me know of a life saving "man made" drug that saved life's. They find a name for a disease on any kind of symptom or issue that you have. I have a head ache now I wonder what disease they will make up for that. On their commercials in the very tiny tiny small print or the half a second of fast speech at the end they should say oh by the way if you take this it will suppress your symptoms but it will eventually give you more diseases and kill you. They should also mention that it will destroy your immune system( the body's natural defense to fight of diseases which can be done so with proper nutrition among other things) and trash your kidneys. Then they put you on more pills. It's a never ending cycle. Everybody sees it as some quick fix to health, everybody wants a quick fix or a short cut. Every time I turn on the T.V I see some new "disease" so they have an excuse to make a new product. In my opinion they only care about profits. In my opinion, everything we have ever needed in life to survive was given to us naturally on this planet, and not from something that was man made.

  • Yes, I do think that Big Pharma is very corrupt.

    I probably would not have chosen the word "evil" to describe Big Pharma, but there are plenty of other choice terms I would use: egotistical, materialistic, opportunistic, among others. To give an example, there is one major pharmaceutical company which makes a very popular medicine. Without insurance, that medicine costs $640 dollars for 90 pills. That amount is so ridiculous, it simply boggles my mind! Furthermore, that drug was scheduled to lose its patent protection this year, which would make it possible for other companies to begin producing cheaper generic versions of it, but the pharmaceutical company cut a deal with the government which extends its patent in exchange for doing research on the drug's efficacy in children. If the company has any reason to think that the drug can benefit children, then it should be doing research on its OWN, without sneaky bribes that allow it to continue scalping vulnerable patients.

  • Centered around greed.

    Big pharmaceutical companies (or Big Pharma) could be considered evil because they do not actually try to help consumers. If pharmaceutical companies actually help people, they wouldn't make as much money. Instead, these companies, such as Pfizer, are interested in developing medications that may treat symptoms but not actual cures or they develop medications to treat side effects of their other drugs. If you take a look at any medication advertisement, listen to the side effects. Many times the side effects are worse than the actual problem. This is why many people have decided to not go through Big Pharma and would rather use alternative treatments, which have no side effects and are all natural.

  • Yes, it is.

    The industry around drugs and what have you is indeed a very evil one. Their goal is to not actually help anyone, but to sell as many drugs as possible. They don't care about side effects, because then they can make another drug to cure such issues you may have.

  • Its All Corporate Profits

    They prescribe you medication that suppresses your `symptoms"which may have been caused by other drugs you take by these Big Pharma companies. A vicious cycle.
    They give you drugs to suppress a condition which creates side-effects,then give you more drugs to suppress the side-effects.Like blocking 1 pore of gushing water, it`La gush out of 100 different places, what they want.

    Instead of fixing the problem. AND they give you drugs which will get you ADDICTED,life will be miserable if you DONT pay for more,you are now DEPENDANT.Maybe the problem in the first place was BECAUSE you chose to treat a naturally curable problem with addictive, side-effect causing pharmaceuticals

    "Problem" -> Addictive & Side Effect Causing Med

    "Problem" -> Addictive & Side Effect Causing Med
    Side Effect -> Another Addictive & Side Effect Causing Med

    Problem -> Addictive & Side Effect Causing Med
    Side Effect -> Another Addictive & Side Effect Causing Med
    Side Effect 2 -> Another Addictive & Side Effect Causing Med

    They buy out doctors to advertise and prescribe, they buy off the Orgs. That allow these meds to come to the market.


    Its true, money, power, and control make the world turn 'round.

    Everything from Big Pharma to Government to Politics to Life ...

    Once you're addicted to one of the meds Xanax etc. you can't ever not " Tampering off, successfully withdrawal" ... It never needed to be.

    Its proven that there are many natural cures that work because they work WITH the body and FOR the body to fix the problem, not supress it, outside the field of Allopathy ( Pharmaceutical Medicine, Current Normal form of Healthcare) as the field of Homeopathy Healthcare ( Which includes natural cures, substances derived from naturally occurring things like roots, etc, not man-made pharmacological active chemicals, for medicine) which have found cures of things such as cancer that Allopathy has not. Why? Take a wild guess.. It should be obvious. Allopathy is now based on profits because the DEFINITION of allopathy is to suppress ilnesses with drugs, pharmacologically active man-made chemicals,

    Homeopathy is natural, but is stereotypically visualized as an old man in the 3rd century crushing roots he found in a valley roaming with dinosaurs... Homeopathy is very modern, but silenced... Guess why :)

    Psyllium Husks, portions of the seed of the Plantago, are used in Homeopathy to cure constipation. They work by inflating inside the tract after being consumed with hot water, quickly so they are not inflated by the water theyre consumed with outside the digestive tract. Compare that to metamucile.

    Constipation isnt really a problem, the more severe things such as ADHD, Depression, Bipolar for which Big Pharma works, ever considered how these illnesses come into play? They aren't natural OR normal. Many side-effect driven. Some passed on from parents who were slaves to Pharmaceutical Drugs. Many dont even need medicine, just treatment/lifestyle-changes/counselling...

    BTW Xanax Damaged-the-fetus-&-reprod.-Side-effects-include-depression-&-agitation-xanax-itself-is-an-anti-anxiety-&-addictive-think...

  • The Evils of Big Pharma Exposed

    What’s wrong with America is what’s wrong with Big Pharma. And what’s wrong with Big Pharma is what’s wrong with America. This circular reality is aimed to be thoroughly covered in this presentation. This is the story of how Big Pharma seeks enormous profits over the health and well-being of the humans it serves, and how drug companies invasively corrupted the way that the healthcare industry delivers its vital services. This is neither a new nor unique story. In fact, the story of Big Pharma is the exact same story of how Big Government, Big Oil, Big Agri-Chem Giants like Monsanto have come to power. The controlling shareholders of all these major industries are one and the same. Big Money belonging to the global central banking cabal own and operate all the Fortune 500 companies in addition to virtually all national governments on this earth. The Rockefellers privatized healthcare in the United States back in the 1930’s and has financed and largely influenced both healthcare and Big Pharma ever since.

    The history of the last several centuries is one in which a handful of these oligarch families, primarily from Europe and the United States, have been controlling governments and wars to ruthlessly consolidate and maximize both power and control over the earth’s most precious resources to promote a New World Order of one totalitarian fascist government exercising absolute power and control over the entire global population. This group of oligarch families have systematically and effectively eliminated competition under the deceptive misnomer of a free enterprise system. Modernization is synonymous with globalization, privatization and militarization. Subsequently, an extremely small number of humans representing a privileged ruling elite has imposed a global caste system that’s hatched its long term diabolical plan to actualize its one world government. Sadly at this tumultuous moment in our human history, it’s never been closer to materialization.

    Here in the early stages of the twenty-first century, a ruling elite has manipulated our planet of seven billion people into a global economic system of feudalism. Through pillaging and plundering the earth, setting up a cleverly deceptive financial system that controls the production and flow of fiat paper money using the US dollar as the standard international currency, they have turned the world’s citizens and nations into indentured servants, hopelessly in debt due to their grand theft planet. With Russia and China spearheading a shift away from the US dollar and petrodollar, and many smaller nations following their lead, a major shift in the balance of power is underway between Western and Eastern oligarchs. Thus, by design escalating calamity and crises are in overdrive at the start of 2015.

    By examining one aspect of this grand theft planet through the story of Big Pharma, one can accurately recognize and assess Big Pharma’s success in its momentum-gathering power grab. Its story serves as a microcosm perfectly illustrating and paralleling the macrocosm that is today’s oligarch engineered, highly successful New World Order

    read more....

  • Do NOT place your trust in BIG Pharma!

    As has been said before, B.Pharma's responsibility is to keep its shareholders happy and in the process, make obscene amounts of money. If they are really in the business of helping people's health, you'd think they'd have found a cure by now - what have they cured? They are simply not interested in them, but rather, maintain the patient until he dies - along the way, introduce side effects to their 'treatments' to keep the profits rolling in.

    When is Western science going to stop treating humans as machines, concentrating on individual parts, instead of taking a whole body approach?

    I'm afraid as long as profit, power and control is present in humans, this cycle will continue.

    So, what can we do as individuals? TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES, so we don't need to ingest their POISON! Eat correctly, exercise, have a healthy state of mind (we know what negative thoughts can do to our bodies).

    If your health does suffer, please explore alternatives, so long as the condition is not life-threatening.

    We need to stop being lazy and take responsibility back from BIG corporations - stop buying their junk food and junk pills - do not be a slave to this corrupt system.

    When you realise that companies NEVER have your interest to heart, and only interested in maximising their own profits, you will wake up and smell the coffee (not Starbucks!).

    Start supporting ethical companies and see the likes of McDonalds, Pfizer, and the disgusting meat and dairy industries crumble!

    The world will be at peace when everyone of us is at peace with ourselves.

    Posted by: gd66
  • Are you asheep I mean asleep.

    It's profit over cure. Money over anything. I think if you know the truth you'll see that it's obviously evil! Cunning, lying, sickening,distribution that's how I describe it. The cycle is pills, pills, pills and side effects for everyone. Stuff can kill you, not heal youl! Don't be deceived come on.

  • Lobbyists from the insurance companies, and pharmaceutical industry corrupt our government and it's process.

    I don't trust the industry. I don't trust my health in the hands of the American health care system. It's rigged to make people rich, not create a society of strong well taken care of citizens. That's when I can perceive it as evil. Using ones health to suppress their spirit under the weight of pain/disease and devastating debt. That is the antithesis of a healer. Do we not deserve to labor for our country and be taken care of in return!? The rich would like you to feel that way. Spin your wheels till you die, broken, holding a shovel.

  • Who is Crazy?

    My observation is that most people are not evil, and big pharma employs a lot of folks, who cannot all be ignorant and or evil. I think there are quite a few who are paranoid by nature, especially about authority, and political crazies latch on to that. When I say paranoid, I mean the tendency to look upon the outer world with a suspicious eye.

  • If you want money you are evil?

    I fail to see how companies wanting to make a profit are evil. The goal of a business is not to only make a profit, but to maximize profits. Do you honestly believe McDonald's created the dollar menu because they care about you? Without a financial incentive many of the life saving drugs we take for granted would not be around today. I want these companies to make a lot of money so that they attract the best and brightest employees to that industry and find the cure for cancer. Our society has got to rid itself of the "they have money they are evil greedy people" view.

  • No, they save lives.

    No, Big Pharma is not evil, because pharmaceutical companies do amazing good each year by saving millions of people with life-saving medicines and products. Pharmaceutical companies often get a bad reputation, because some people just put the word Big in front of anything they don't like, as if that has a negative connotation to it.

  • Evil because they create drugs that save lives?

    Is there no logic in any of these examples or arguments? To bring a drug to a patient it costs on average 1 billion dollars and can take 20 years or more, and less than 1% of molecules discovered ever make it all the way.This process is not cheap. How do you think this is funded, by thin air? Pharmaceutical companies spend the vast majority of their profits on inventing new drugs, this is how the process works. And how are pharmaceutical companies evil if they charge for something they invented? Is the basis of this argument that they are not giving away for free something that cost a billion dollars to make? By the majority of these arguments any company that makes anything and charges people for it is evil. And as far as side effects go every drug provides the risks/benefits associated with taking it. This is how all of medicine is practiced! Why even go to the doctor if pharma companies are evil? A Dr. Can do nothing for you without medicine! Let's not forget the thousands and millions of lives that have been saved by insulin, antibiotics, and cancer drugs just to name a few. If this is why they are evil then every doctor is also evil, pharma companies can only make a drug, doctors are the ones who give them to people. And for the conspiracy theorist out there PHARMA COMPANIES DO NOT HAVE A CURE FOR CANCER if they did don't you think they would market it! People would still get cancer it would not be wiped out they would just make a ton of money....Which is the goal of every single business in the US right?

  • They probably can be, but I'd certainly avoid blanket statements like this.

    There's not really a realistic way I can back this up with statistics (and I apologize for that), but I'd wager that the pharmaceutical industry contains no more evil than most others. It's easy to want to jump on them for every inappropriate action, but the unfortunate nature of the industry is that the product of their labor affects our most personal assets, our bodies and minds.

    Pharmaceutical companies are massive gamblers who don't see returns on investments for years after a drug reaches the market (hence the expense, and lack of generics), but who continue to dump millions upon millions into research designed to improve (again) the most personal things we have...Our bodies and minds.

    I'm certainly not defending everyone in the industry, but the industry as a whole is not evil. That's an extremely naive claim.

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Anonymous says2013-09-10T12:28:36.190
Hey, dudes on the 'no' side. Wake up or stop working for evil.
Big Pharma don't have cure for cancer, neither for CFS, neither for Depression and so on. Literally they cure nothing.
They just keep selling disease modifying drugs. Thus it's easy to draw a conclusion: they are not interested in science to move forward and find a real cure as well they are not interested in finding methods for desease prevention.