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  • Big Pharma is to blame for high drug prices.

    Big Pharma is to blame because they are putting high prices on products every kid,adult, or infant who has to use Big Pharma's products. For people who cant afford to pay the prices of the products they need, it usually leads them into a bad future. They must not care that people could die without their products.

  • Big Pharma is too blame for drug prices

    Large pharmaceutical companies, or "Big Pharma" is too blame for high drug prices. These companies have a patent for a set number of years. During that period of time, facing limited or no competitions, the companies seek to maximize profits. This is frequently done by raising prices on drugs. Frequently, the executives have their bonuses and stock compensation tied up in achieving the highest possible profit.

  • Yes, Ultimately, "Big Pharma" is to blame for high drug prices.

    Some cost increase is understandable to support advancements in drugs, it is also undeniable that the heads of the Pharmaceutical companies are disproportionately high. Technology and brain power definitely require money to support them, but the amount that these drugs jump in price are suspiciously high and the CEOs of these companies have such high salaries that are publicly known.

  • No, big pharma is not to blame for high drug prices.

    Big pharmaceutical companies are not to blame for high drug prices. Advances in medicine are very costly. The amount of research and testing it takes for a drug to be approved can be very expensive for companies. Therefore, drug prices often reflect the fact that pharmaceutical companies invested a lot of money to develop new drugs.

  • The Pharmaceutical Companies are Greedy, But the Government Could Do More

    With every new case brought to light such as the Epipen, we have to ask why prices are so exorbitant for pharmaceuticals. The reason these prices are so high is because big pharma -- or the large, privatized drug companies, control their own prices. In other countries such as in Europe, the government has a system in place to regulate the price of most drugs. The privatization of healthcare allows drug companies to work within a basic economic democracy. Until the government steps in and gains some control, this spiral of expensive drugs will only continue to spin out.

  • Insurance companies and the government are.

    Who is becoming more profitable? Insurance companies are growing more than Pharma. The Government is growing more than Pharma. Insurance companies are increasing their profit, not Pharma. Government requires Insurance but does not require Insurance to be affordable. Big win for insurance companies. Governe,t wins bc voters rely on government insurance.

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