• This is just facts. Even a quick Google search will tell you.

    At this time, it's true.

    What more can I say to fill up the 50 word requirement?

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  • Facts are facts

    This isn't an opinion, this is a matter of facts. Currently, he is the wealthiest man in the world. By the time this gets read, it may not be, but he is now. In terms of who has had the richest life experiences, I don't know. They probably aren't well known.

  • He holds the most currency, yes.

    This is a fact. And here are a bunch of random words to fill up the rest of the space needed to elaborate on my "opinion" as to why BIll Gates is the richest man in the world, which is a fact, and not an opinion so there we go okay done.

  • Key lime pie

    This is manly in my opinion pron and bulling. Rewqa certen Kelsey's meme. Dfgbjkbv fdvnkdfbnlfk fkjncvj v kgbnok nkj kj cvkm l;mdmlf mgh j j n kjg bnkj kj k n k k fkj kj kxfmml jkg k kj fjn fi k dijb iki avocado dofingofnoknb dfmbodm n n odfnoo

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roasmithes says2015-08-12T17:30:29.357
Rich in what? You didn't specify. Money? Then yes, that's if he is still the richest person-- I don't know. But I know he was for years. Rich in looks? Not in my opinion. Rich in heart? Not sure, never met him. Rich in health? Not sure of that either.
NewLifeChristian says2015-08-12T17:46:53.003
It is fact that Bill Gates is the richest man on Earth. Why is this an opinion question?