Is Bill Maher a socially acceptable racist? And if so, does a double standard exist in regards to Donald trump?

Asked by: ilovejews7
  • Why is there no trump-Esque bill maher scandal after he publicly said nigge*?

    Is the&nbsp; corporate media implying a double standard if it denigrates Donald trumps racism but not Bill Maher? Bill Maher said the word n****r live on HBO, yet no public scandal&nbsp; circulated throughout the media, like it did&nbsp; Mel Gibson, charlie sheen and Trevor noah, shortly after their social media fails. Why is it&nbsp; socially acceptable for the Donald trumps of the world to be publicly dengigrated and not the Bill Maher s. Is there a media double standard of Bill maher can resume his show unscathed of scandal? And if so, does a double standard exist if trumps racism is deamed acceptable but not Bill Maher? <br>
    Excuse my grammar I made it has for them I gossip loser <br>

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