Is Bill Maher a socially acceptable racist? And if so, does the media have a double standard?

Asked by: ilovejews7
  • Why is the media not running a denigration campaign against bill maher?

    Why is Bill Maher unscathed after saying the word "nigg**' ? Many tv personalities have been denigrated by the media for racist rants that were made on social media. For instance, Trevor Noah was almost pulled off of the daily show for making a Joke that had Jewish references. And, Bill O'Reilly highest rated show was canceled after a sex scandal stirred throughout the media. So why is bill maher exempt from a media scandal and public firing after publicly saying n*gger live on television? After all, Bill Maher has a history of hate speech, most notably are his on air islamaphobic tirades.
    If Donald trump' s racism is deamed social unacceptable , why is Bill Maher's racism deamed socially acceptable? Excuse my unedited grammar sentences hi

  • Professional whinny bitch

    There are no double standards simply a failure to adhere to reality. His positions are steeped in outrage, bereft of cogent reasoning, and sadly comical. Pick the game rules and everyone plays. Change the rules after your turn if mental disorder, or a child.

    There is very little consistency to the application of his principles

    some people are more equal?

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