Is Bill Maher a socially condoned bigot? And if so,why?

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  • Bill resumes his job on hbo after publicly saying the word nigg**

    Bill Maher has a history of islamaphobic on-air rants that are eerily similar to trumps Twitter tweets. Yet, Bill Maher Is still on the air, even after publicly saying the word nigge* on HBO. Why is there no major media scandal or celebrity supported boycott of his show? Would a person such as bar be physically assaulted like Robert Spencer ? Celebrities such as Mel Gibson, Trevor Noah, and charlie sheen were scorned by the media for similar offenses; yet Bill Maher remains unscathed by the media. Is there a double standard when it comes to Bill Maher? And if so, why? Where is the boycotts and the media scandal embarassment?

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  • The reason his behavior isn't as scrutinized

    Is that HBO is less politically correct. While his use of the n-word isn't acceptable and is one of the few words that HBO does/did sensor, HBO is known for being less PC, and therefore it isn't *as* big a deal as someone on normal TV saying it.

    Furthermore, the idea of him being 'Islamaphobic' and 'similar to Trump's tweets.' While I by no means like Trump, just saying things similar to Trump isn't something to call for him getting in trouble. And the 'Islamaphobic ' part is subjunctive. The only things I've heard him say about Islam is that fundamental Islam does not mesh with the West, and that fundamental Islam has values that oppose progressive values.

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